Top 50 Social Media Experts

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After digging through the depths of our brains and the Internet, we have successfully compiled 100 total Content Marketing and SEO superstars. Now, we complete the trifecta of digital marketing leaders with the Top 50 Social Media Experts. To create this list, we looked at Twitter followers, frequency and quality of interactions in the social realm, breadth and depth of experience, as well as impact on the industry as a whole. By no means is this list exhaustive and it is listed in alphabetical order. Also, you’ll probably want to find these experts on Twitter. Click on the link names in each experts description, or save the time and subscribe our Top 50 Social Media-ers list on Twitter.

1. Amy Porterfield, Social Media Strategist

Amy Porterfield is an accomplished Social Media Strategist specializing in the ever changing world of Facebook Marketing. Since co-writing Facebook for Dummies, Porterfield has lead numerous webinars and conducts a training program at

2. Andrea Vahl, Social Media Consultant and Speaker

If you’re looking for a true Social Media super hero, look no further than Andrea Vahl. She even has an alter ego by the name of Grandma Mary. Through either persona, Vahl helps small businesses understand and leverage the power of Social Media.

3. Brian Carter, Social Media Strategist, Author, and Speaker

Beyond being a seasoned Social Marketing expert, Brian Carter is the “most entertaining presenter in Internet Marketing.” Carter penned several international bestsellers and has helped Microsoft, Universal Studios, and The U.S. Army develop strategies around search and social.

4. Bryan Kramer, Social Business Strategist and CEO of PureMatter

Bryan Kramer and his agency, PureMatter, have been distinguished as one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing private companies by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. Recently, he authored the best selling book, Human to Human #H2H.

5. Chris Brogan, Publisher and CEO of Owner Magazine

Chris Brogan’s Owner Magazine helps individuals improve their worth through capabilities and connections. With 7 New York Times Bestsellers and counting, Brogan is a highly souht-after keynote speaker.

6. Cliff RavenscraftPodcast Producer, Consultant, and Coach

The Podcast Answer Man, or Cliff Ravenscraft, helps individuals and businesses launch and increase subscribers to podcasts. Ravenscraft’s site provides solutions, advice, and tutorials needed to succeed.

7. Cynthia Sanchez, Pinterest Blogger, Podcaster, Social Media Creative and Trainer at Oh So Pinteresting 

While a career shift from radiation oncology nurse to professional blogger might not seem like logical progression, Cynthia Sanchez has taken her medical knowledge and applied the same practices in the social media realm. Sanchez’s nursing skills in empathy grant her a unique and effective approach to social media marketing.

8. Dave Kerpen, Author, Founder and CEO of Likeable Local

Dave Kerpan boasts an impressive resume, including founder and CEO of Likeable Local, cofounder and Chariman of Likeable media, author, and keynote speaker. But, perhaps the most memorable portion is him holding the position of #1 LinkedIn Influencer of all time in page views. Which places him ahead of Bill Gates and President Barack Obama.

9. Dennis Yu, Co-Founder and CEO of BlitzMetrics

Dennis Yu is an entrepreneur, speaker, and an expert in social media advertising and mar

keting. Yu and his team at BlitzMetrics build social media dashboards for major brands, media, and retail companies.

10. Donna Moritz, Social Media and Visual Marketing Strategist

Based in Queensland, Australia, Donna Moritz is passionate about word of mount marketing and content strategy. Moritz’s blog Socially Sorted is a two-time finalist for Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2013 and 2014.

11. Doug Karr, Blogger, Author, Speaker, and Founder of DK New Media

Douglas Karr assists marketing tech companies build their online presence and authority. Karr is another unique keynote speaker with a humorous and outspoken style.

12. Ekaterina Walter, Co-Founder and CMO of Branderati

Social Media is all about connections and Ekaterina Walter is a “super-connector.” Walter is a social media trailblazer and author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller “Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg.”

13. Gary Vaynerchuck, Co-Founder of VaynerMedia

Five years ago, Gary Vaynerchuck and his brother launched VaynerMedia. The agency was and remains to be a rare breed, helping Fortune 500 companies find their social voices and build their digital brands through content and story-telling.

14. Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich

Gina Dietrich leads the team at Arment Dietrich, a integrated marketing communications firm located in Chicago. Dietrich is also an author and co-author of several books, and blogger at Spin Sucks.

15. James Wedmore, Video Marketing Advocate

James Wedmore’s skills couldn’t be more in demand with rise in popularity of video marketing. His mission is simple: show business owners how to create and execute effective video marketing campaigns without spending a lot of time or money.

16. Jamie Turner, Author, Speaker, and CEO of The 60 Second Marketer

A true authority of marketing, Jamie Turner has helped organizations including AT&T, CNN, Motorola, Cartoon Network, and The Coca-Cola Company grow revenues with unique marketing strategies.

17. Jason Falls, VP of Digital Strategy at CafePress and Founder of Social Media Explorer

Jason Falls expertise in Social Media knows no bounds. From speaker, educator, strategy, to consultation, Falls does it all. Most notably is Falls work on Jim Beam’s “The Remake” video contest, which won a 2009 SAMMY Award for best cross media campaign.

18. Jason Keath, CEO of Social Fresh

Jason Keith and the team at Social Fresh are some of the smartest voices in online marketing. Keith is a frequent social media speaker, as well as a consultant and analyst.

19. Jason Miller, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn

When Jason Miller isn’t busy leading the content marketing and social efforts for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, he moonlights as a rock ‘n roll photographer. Miller seamlessly blends his talents for online content and photography on his site

20. Jay Baer, Marketing Speaker, Coach, and Author

Attempting to summarize Jay Baer’s experience here would be a futile effort. Legendary speaker, New York Times best selling author, and most of all, a success story.

21. Jeff Bullas, Social Media Marketing Blogger, Strategist, and Speaker

Jeff Bullas’ blog is dedicated to all things Social Media Marketing. He works with companies and executives to optimize their online presence with digital and social media marketing.

22. Jeff Rohrs, Vice President of Marketing at ExactTarget

An attorney turned professional marketer, Jeff Rohrs acts as a steward for ExactTarget’s thought leadership. Rohrs speaks at numerous industry events about the evolution of the digital marketing world.


23. Joel CommEntrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Consultant

Joel Comm holds over 18 years of experience in Internet business. It is Comm’s knowledge and personable nature that makes him a sought after speaker, and a New York Times best-selling author.

24. John Jantsch, Consultant, Speaker, and Creator of Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch is not only a Social Media expert, but has been touted as the “World’s Most Practical Small Business Expert” for consistently driving results through proven small business marketing ideas and strategies. If you are even mildly involved in the online marketing world, you’re probably already following him and Twitter.

25. John Lee Dumas, Founder of EntrepreneurOnFire

Even though John Lee Dumas claims to have only recently become an entrepreneur, his entrepreneurial spirit was in him for many years. To say that Dumas’ experience is varied is an understatement with time spent as an Officer in the US Army to real estate. However, his venture into podcasting has shown him his true passion.

26. Jolina Pettice, Director of Client Accounts at TopRank

Jolina Pettice has years of experience in managing search, content, and social media marketing for Fortune 500 companies. Pettice continues to contribute to TopRank, where she has been for over 7 years.

27. Kim Garst, Co-Founder and CEO of Boom! Social

Kim Garst’s tenacity took her from barely being able to cut and paste, to becoming a true online authority. Garst says that social media really choose her, and not the other way around. A true testament to her passion for the industry.

28. Larry Benet, Chief Connector of Sang Events

Yet another super-connector, Larry Benet built his great success by harnessing the power of connectivity for businesses, professional speakers, authors, and thought leaders. Larry Benet Consulting, his firm, provides training and personal introductions to high-value contacts around the globe. Benet has essentially created a private social network for the elite minds of the business world.

29. Laura Fitton, Inbound Marketing Evangelist for Hubspot

Laura Fitton is a trail blazer in the world of Twitter. After co-authoring Twitter for Dummies, Fitton convinced Guy Kawasaki and thousands of executives that Twitter would have real business value. What foresight! Beyond being an inbound marketing evangelist, Fitton is a sought-after keynote speaker with unique insights.

30. Lewis HowesLifestyle Entrepreneur

Lewis Howes is no stranger to dreaming big, encountering setbacks, and blowing them away. After getting injured playing professional football, Howes began to feed his hunger for business, marketing, and adding value to influential people. Howes has transformed himself into an internet marketing guru, and helps his clients become the same.

31. Lou Mongello, Host of WDW Radio Show Disney Podcast

It all started when Lou Mongello first experienced Walt Disney World during its grand opening in October of 1971. In the decades since, Mongello has attended the park hundreds of times and makes his career as a Disney author, publisher, historian, and trusted source. Why is he on the social media list? Mongello’s Podcast has been awarded Best Travel Podcast 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

32. Mari Smith, Top Social Media Influencer, Author, and Speaker

Mari Smith has been deeply immersed in social media since 2007. Smith is one of the world’s leading social media strategists and widely recognized as the top Facebook marketing expert in the WORLD!

33. Melanie Duncan, Founder of Entrepreneuress Academy

A serious serial entrepreneur, Melanie Duncan has been starting successful online business since graduating college. However, her true passion lies in teaching others how to create success and freedom in their lives through the power of internet marketing and social media.

34. Michael Brito, Group Director of Media & Engagement at W2O Group

Michael Brito is the author of “Your Brand: The Next Media Company,” which details how a social business strategy enables better content, smarter marketing, and deeper customer relationships. As Group Director at W2O Group, Brito helps clients with content, brand, and social business initiatives.

35. Michael HyattAuthor and Online Marketing Expert

Two of the eight books authored by Michael Hyatt have landed on the New York Times best-seller list, reinforcing his stance as a respected author and online marketing expert. Hyatt’s personal blog focuses on “intentional leadership,” which helps leaders leverage their influence.

36. Michael Stelzner, Founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzer is the man behind the curtain at some of the most popular social media events, including Social Media Marketing World and Social Media Success Summit. In addition, Stelzer is the author of several books and a valued voice in the social media industry.

37. Nichole Kelly, CEO of Social Media Explorer

We often speak of Social Media pioneers, and Nichole Kelly deserves this title. Kelly innovated the marketing industry by measuring social media results to core business objectives: sales, revenue, and costs. She is clearly a sought after speaker and accomplished author.

38. Pam Moore, Founder and CEO of Marketing Nutz

Pam Moore is a woman of many hats, she actively participates in speaking, training, custom workshops, in addition to her agency work. Moore is constantly recognized for her achievements and is included on Forbe’s Top 5 Women Influencers in Social Media as well as the Top 10 Influencers in Social Media.

39. Pat Flynn, Owner of Flynndustries LCC

Pat Flynn’s honesty and transparency is palpable throughout the entirety of his blog, Smart Passive Income. Flynn doesn’t consider himself an online “marketing guru” and never offers any paid consultations. This makes him an even more trusted source for real-world and tested information about online marketing as a whole.

40. Reg Saddler, Managing Partner at Difference Theory LLC

Reg Saddler keeps a low profile. Across all of his social outlets his description reads the following: “Just a guy who loves Social Media, Tech, Business and News. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don’t talk about Fightclub.” All you need to know about Saddler is that he is consistently among the top most influential on Twitter and is owning Google+ like nobody’s business.

41. Robert Scoble, Blogger, Evangelist, and Start-up Liaison Officer for Rackspace

You’ve most likely read, and are reading, Robert Scoble’s blog Scobleizer. His blog came to peak popularity while Scoble was acting as a technology evangelist for Microsoft.

42. Scott Monty, Global Digital Communications Lead at Ford Motor Company

Ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 influencers in social media, Scott Monty has been called “an unstoppable force of nature.” The Boston native has a not-so-secret love for Sherlock Holmes, documented on the site ihearofsherlock.

43. Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing

Scott Stratten’s term “Un-Markeing” is all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you. That’s the ultimate goal of social media, isn’t it?

44. Simon Mainwaring, CEO of We First Inc

We First began as a book authored by Simon Mainwaring. In it, he addresses fears of the world and fears of technology and business. The silver lining that Mainwaring provides is Social Media, which connects us in ways that can build a better business and a better world.

45. Stephanie Sammons, CEO at Wired Advisor

Stephanie Sammons recognizes that we are in the midst of a personal digital media revolution. Sammons goal is to guide people to achieve exactly what she did, building your own brand, business, career, and life on your own terms.

46. Steve Farber, Author and President of Extreme Lead

ership Inc

With a personality that’s part strategist, part social commentator, and full of energy, Steve Farber inspires leadership on all organizational levels. Farber is devoted to the cultivation of Extreme Leaders in not only the business industry, but also in non-profits and education.

47. Steven Farnsworth, Chief Digital Strategist at Jolt Digital Marketing

Steve Farnsworth, or @Steveology as you more likely know him, aides companies in building customer communities that foster brand loyalty. His blog, @Steveology, shares Farnsworth’s unique and valuable insight on B2B content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media.

48. Ted Rubin, CMO of Brand Innovators

Ted Rubin’s success can most likely be attributed to his belief that the key to continued success for ANY brand is identifying with the customer. Rubin acknowledges that the most powerful portion of social media is the ability to listen to your customers and adjust your message.

49. Todd Wheatland, Head of Strategy at King Content

Todd Wheatland is an author and sought-after speaker in marketing, social media, and HR. In 2014 alone, Wheatland plans of speaking at events in over 10 countries across the globe. Talk about being social!

50. Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert, Speaker, and Trainer

Viveka von Rosen is known internationally as THE LinkedIn Expert. When Rosen isn’t authoring books on LinkedIn Marketing, she’s speaking to business owners, corporations, legal firms, and associations on the benefits of social media marketing.

We really hope you’ve enjoyed our Top 50 posts. Our aim is to spread the reach of these great minds, and to have you show us more. So please, share in the comments or Tweet at us with who should be added to the list!



Laurel is a member of the executive team at Stryde. She's been doing digital marketing for businesses for 10 years. Two years ago, she started set up her own ecommerce business selling baby gowns and knows the struggles of a small business owner. She loves talking about digital marketing, content, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.

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