Guide to effectively managing an influencer marketing strategy

Guide to Effectively Managing an Influencer Marketing Strategy

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All businesses selling product have the same goal in mind—getting their product in front of consumers so they’ll buy it. And in today’s internet-operated world, one of the best ways to get your product in front of thousands of consumers is taking advantage of influencer marketing. Nowadays, consumers prefer recommendations from people they know (or celebrities they think they know),…

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14 Ways to Drive Traffic to your site

14 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Time and Attention As marketers we have a lot on our plates like increasing conversion rates, decreasing bounce rates, and cultivating more customers from our various channels. Additionally, we have to work on traffic acquisition in an effort to increase conversion rates and cultivate a new customer base that drives sales. What we’re often at fault of doing, though, is…

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How To Structure Your eCommerce Store for Search Engines

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Having a successful eCommerce store for both customers and search engines depends heavily on having a solid website structure. If you don’t, everything you don’t want to happen to your eCommerce site will—you’ll see drops in your online rankings, site traffic and ultimately sales. When I say site structure, or what some SEO folks also say as information architecture, I’m…

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State of Digital Marketing Industry

State of the Digital Marketing Industry

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Finally, the searcher behavior data you’ve been searching for. We’re not talking about the keywords people search for, but what they do when they use search engines. The data comes from Rand Fishkin’s Moz article which you should definitely check out. This info can really help guide your digital marketing efforts. 40-60 billion searches are performed on Google in the…

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Guide To Setting Up eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a partner every eCommerce business needs. It provides valuable insights about your website, website visitors and where they came from, and all this data helps you strategize new or better ways to attract new customers and improve conversion rates. eCommerce tracking, if you don’t know what it is, is a feature Google Analytics offers that lets eCommerce…

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What to know about leveraging influencer marketing in 2017

What to Know about Leveraging Influencer Marketing in 2017

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Marketers of today exist in a world filled with fluid and “outside-the-box” tactics that present varied ROIs. When viewed from a traditional marketing perspective, it’s easy to question the efficacy of an influencer marketing strategy – especially if you could spend the same money on something with more immediately tangible results like a Facebook ad campaign. It’s a good thing…

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Leveraging influencers

Guide to Leveraging Influencers in 2017

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Last year, one of the year’s trendy marketing buzzwords was influencer marketing. But unlike butterfly clips and Pokemon Go, influencer marketing—marketing that focuses on using industry leaders to drive a business’s message and/or product to a bigger market—is a trend that’s here to stay for the long haul. Why eCommerce Businesses Should Consider Influencer Marketing   Back in the day,…

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