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How To Leverage Geo-Targeting For eCommerce Sites

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With an eCommerce business, you have the opportunity to sell to customers all over the world. That’s great! But customers in different locations shop differently and have varying needs, so you’ll sacrifice potential conversions if you sell to them as if they are all the same. Enter, geo-targeting. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can use geographical targeting…

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14 Ways to Drive Traffic to your site

14 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Time and Attention As marketers we have a lot on our plates like increasing conversion rates, decreasing bounce rates, and cultivating more customers from our various channels. Additionally, we have to work on traffic acquisition in an effort to increase conversion rates and cultivate a new customer base that drives sales. What we’re often at fault of doing, though, is…

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Running a retargeting campaign - retargeting campaign best practices

Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

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Retargeting, or remarketing as some call it, is a highly effective tool for eCommerce businesses. When done right, a retargeting campaign keeps your business at the forefront of consumers’ minds and helps convert online browsers into buyers. To help you do that and get the best ROI from your retargeting campaign, here are our 8 best practices to follow. 1….

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Retargeting: Five Tools You Should Be Using To Bring Prospects Back To Your Site

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If you are conducting business on the web, you need to be retargeting; plain and simple. Fact: The average website conversion rate is just over 2%. That means that 98% of potential customers aren’t buying on their first visit to your site. Retargeting gives you to the capability of redirecting potential customers back to your site and boosting ad response…

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Increase Your ROI in 2013 with Facebook’s Partner Categories

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 Have you begun experimenting with Facebook’s Partner Categories yet? If not, I encourage you to start today. Not familiar with Partner Categories? In short, they are a new ad targeting option that allows you to target Facebook users based on spending patterns. So, for example, you can target people who have purchased specific items like dog food, a certain type…

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