How To Create & Test The Ad Creative For Your Home Goods Brand

How To Create & Test The Ad Creative For Your Home Goods Brand

Ever felt like your home goods brand is lost in a sea of sameness, desperately waving its arms for attention but drowning in obscurity? You’re not alone. In a world where Instagram scrolls faster than a high-speed train, and TikTok dances steal the limelight, how do you make your brand not just noticed but unforgettable? […]

The Ultimate Guide To Retargeting For Ecommerce Businesses

Retargeting is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: you pixel/target visitors who have visited your website but not purchased from you, and put your ads directly in front of them at a later point in time. In a brick-and-mortar setting, there’s very little recourse to easily stay in front of a consumer’s face once […]

The Ultimate Guide To Performance Max Campaigns

One of the ways a new e-commerce business can start driving sales relatively quickly is through Performance Max Campaign ads. Google Ads has replaced their Smart Shopping Ads with Performance Max campaigns to provide improved automation and targeting.  Performance Max dynamically creates ads using your brand assets including logos, videos, images, copy and products. Based […]

How To Write High Performing Paid Search Ad Copy For Your E-commerce Business

If you want to spend your money in more beneficial ways on pay-per-click (PPC) for your e-commerce business, your ad copy is critical. Eye-catching headlines, compelling ad copy, and calls to action that get a buyer moving are all key parts of high-performing paid search ad copy. That might sound great, but how do you […]

How To Set Up & Structure Your Ad Accounts for Ecommerce Success

When it comes to e-commerce paid search, you’ll need a few types of ad accounts. Knowing which ones you need and setting them up properly is important, and we’ll be going through them in this post. Once you get the accounts you need set up, you’ll also want to structure them for success, so I’ll […]

How to Leverage Facebook Data to Improve Your Google PPC and Shopping Ads

These days, if you want to win customers, you’ll likely find them in one of two places: Facebook or Google. Although Google properties, like YouTube, have pushed ahead of Facebook when it comes to daily traffic, both platforms still dominate online activity, with the average user spending an average of 38 minutes on Facebook every […]

Setting up the Google Shopping App On Shopify Sites

      Greg ShueyGreg is the founder and CEO of Stryde and a seasoned digital marketer who has worked with thousands of businesses, large and small, to generate more revenue via online marketing strategy and execution. Greg has written hundreds of blog posts as well as spoken at many events about online marketing strategy. […]

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