Are You Interested in Increasing Your Revenue Through Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing For Home Goods and Home Improvement

The home decor and home goods market is growing substantially all around the globe. Numerous boutique shops are popping up as more and more people are researching how they can improve their homes. Many of these consumers are starting to prefer purchasing furniture, tools and home decor online. Large sites such as Amazon, Houzz, Home Depot and Wayfair are leading the way for consumers purchasing home decor online so it’s very important to find ways to drive online visibility in this competitive space.

Our team utilizes the right tools to create a digital marketing strategy customized to your business niche. Whether that focus is on SEO, influencers, paid social or all of our services, we find the right strategy that will improve your visibility and sales online.

Growing Your Home Goods Ecommerce Store in Today’s Digital Landscape

It can be challenging to know which digital channel to spend your marketing dollars on. There are numerous ecommerce shops growing through the use of SEO, Paid advertising, email marketing, video creation, loyalty programs and more. We’ll analyze your accounts to see where we can make adjustments and tweaks to keep up with the fast-paced industry. After our analysis, we’ll build a growth plan for how we plan to reach new customers and drive qualified traffic to your site.  

When we combine the skills of all our specialists we are able to help you achieve online growth and sales.

Areas of focus include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Paid Advertising Strategy & Execution
  • Influencer Marketing Outreach  
  • Email Marketing Automation & Workflow Creation
  • Paid and Organic Amazon Marketing