Comprehensive data-driven digital marketing services for eCommerce businesses.

Stryde employees are committed to making your business a success. We pride ourselves on being open and honest with our marketing approach. This allows us to deliver exceptional growth. You’ll have an experienced team behind you every step of the way as we develop, execute and refine your digital marketing strategy.

At Stryde, we believe success is not built alone on SEO, content marketing or social media. Success is the result of each of these components working to support and feed one another. Through highly effective audience targeting throughout the entire buying process, we are able to reach customers more effectively. When this happens, you increase brand awareness, generate more website traffic and increase revenue.

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Here’s How We Get It Done

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Content Marketing

Create content for every part of the buying cycle, from awareness to consideration, down to making a purchase.

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Understand what your audience searches for online and get found for the right keyword.

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Email Marketing

Acquire new customers, grow your email list and connect with your target audience through email campaigns.

Paid Search Marketing

Paid Advertising

Apply highly effective audience targeting using PPC, Google shopping ads and retargeted ads.

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Influencer Marketing

Align yourself with the right influencers and watch your audience revenue multiply.

Amazon Advertising

Optimize and manage your Amazon account to get more visibility and sales.

Content Marketing

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 Customer Insights

We strive to understand how your customers search for and learn about your business online by collecting customer feedback through surveys and questionnaires.

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Content Strategy

We’ll build out a comprehensive strategy that uncovers gaps between the information your customers are looking for and what you have on your website.

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Content Creation

Once a strategy is set, we create various types of content to effectively reach your audience. Blog posts, quizzes, graphics and giveaways are some of the things we do.

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Content Promotion

We’ll identify the most relevant and impactful channels for your specific brand, and then maximize your ad spend by testing and optimizing ad copy to drive sales.

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Keyword Research

Our keyword optimization process gives you a comprehensive snapshot of your website’s current organic search standing and an action plan on how to compete.

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Website Performance

We’ll run a technical SEO audit and deliver a detailed report outlining any issues the front end or backend of your eCommerce store has that will impact its ability to rank.

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Content Optimization

Our content optimization process looks at product descriptions, specifications and features to find issues that may hinder your ability to rank well.


Influencer Marketing

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Influencer Identification

Before we even start a campaign, we’ll work with you to understand the exact audience you are trying to reach. Then we’ll match influencers with the audience.

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Influencer Outreach

We’ll continually build a list of key influencers in your space and work to establish a relationship with them. We have a proven outreach process that gets a response.

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Campaign Creation

Our campaigns are designed to look natural within the influencers posts and reach thousands of potential customers, which will increase brand exposure and drive sales.

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Email Marketing

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Email Collection

We create popups that integrate with your email platform to collect emails and build your list. We design and test them to find which one converts best.

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Email Automation

We turn prospects into paying customers by developing automated email flows for your customers at all stages of the buying cycle. 

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Email Reporting

We use data to make sure your emails are running at peak performance, monitoring your click-through rates, sales, and subscribes.


Amazon Advertising

Amazon Listing Optimization

Through optimizing keyword, content, and design shoppers will be able to find your products easier on Amazon.

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Amazon Account Management

We will constantly manage and adjust your Amazon account to the specific needs to find your target market.

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Amazon Sponsored Ads 

We develop strategies that are tailored to your specific Amazon business that will help gain traffic and sales. 

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PPC Management

We are able to capture an audience that will keep costs lower and sales higher.


Strategy May Change but the Results are Always the Same.

A carefully crafted marketing strategy is how our team leverages multiple channels to generate revenue.