Are You Interested in Increasing Your Revenue Through Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing for the Sports and Outdoor Industry 

Just like any retail-based business, you know what products sell and don’t, but you might not know who is buying your products or how they are searching for them. Are these people who like valuable information and spend a lot of time researching and comparing numerous products with each other. Or are they just looking for an occasional sale? Are they on social media? Are they engaging with emails related to your brand?

It’s vital to get some insight into your customers’ behaviors and interests to better serve and target them through email flows, social media ads, influencers and more.

We will create a customized digital strategy to help you reach and engage your ideal customer. Through retargeting ads, influencers, long term SEO initiatives, and other digital channels, you will be able to reach your revenue goals.


Leveraging Digital Channels for The Sports & Outdoor Space

We combined our team of specialists to look over your companies history, competitors, and the overall specific industry niche. With that information, we are able to follow our specific process, strategy, and execution to achieve a positive ROI. Through analyzing your analytics data, we better understand your customer and can tweak and adjust your marketing strategy to fit your needs.

Areas of focus include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Paid Advertising Strategy & Execution
  • Influencer Marketing Outreach  
  • Email Marketing Automation & Workflow Creation
  • Paid and Organic Amazon Marketing

Sports Equipment Case Study: Inbox Fitness

Inbox Fitness mission is to help individuals discover the latest exercise equipment, nutritional products, and advice for a healthy lifestyle. Inbox Fitness organic search traffic was not growing as quickly as their competitors. After we were able to analyze keyword trends, the website, and competitive landscape they were able to achieve:


Organic Search Growth YOY
Organic Revenue Growth YOY