A Shopify Partner Helping You Grow Your Business

Take the next step with a Shopify Partner and increase revenue through digital marketing.

You have likely come across numerous experts that showcase how they are a Shopify Partner in Design. Maybe you even hired one to build your site but the design will only get you so far.  Now that you have built a great site, how are you going to get traffic and generate revenue from it? As a Shopify partner, we specialize in marketing sites built on Shopify.  A few places we like to focus on include:

  • Site Migration: Our specialists can help you migrate your site to Shopify without losing any organic traffic. Site migration can be tricky, so leave it up to your Shopify partner to make a smooth transition. We’ll implement redirects, optimize page content and more.
  • eCommerce Tracking Setup: We can install the conversion codes needed to track every campaign effectively, so you know how each channel is performing. While Shopify offers its own analytics tracking, you’ll have more in-depth insights into your customers through additional tools.
  • Improving SEO: We’ll do SEO page optimization for product descriptions, category, subcategory, home page and more to save you time writing unique product descriptions to help you rank organically in Google.
  • Google Shopping Feed Integration: Leverage apps to push your product catalog to Google’s merchant center so you can start leveraging Google shopping campaigns. We’ll get everything set up so all the right fields are working properly.
  • Information Architecture: Update site layout/navigation, organizing products, product filters and collection pages for search engines & users. That way users can find what they are looking for.
  • Email Marketing: Integrate email platforms like Klaviyo and start triggering emails for new customers, product reviews, abandon cart users, new subscribers that haven’t purchased and other sequences to keep your email list engaged.

Why Use Shopify?

Shopify is a great platform for start-ups and those looking for a more than what their existing platform already has. Shopify has many different benefits. Some of our favorites are their unlimited bandwidth, Google Analytics integration, search engine optimization support, along with many other features. Not on Shopify yet? Get started today. 

Why Choose Stryde as Your Shopify Partner?

When choosing to work with us, you will be choosing an agency that understands both the digital marketing and eCommerce world. Having worked with numerous clients who use Shopify, we understand what works best with the platform.  We have specialists in each area that can help turn your online store into real revenue. As a Shopify partner, we understand the marketing funnel and the behaviors consumer have while shopping.


Handmade Leather Goods company Rustico came to Stryde, in search of a Shopify partner that knew how to fix their site migration mistakes and increase their organic traffic. After digging into their analytics we were able to help them with their site migration, organic search, email marketing and paid social media.