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Acquire new customers, grow your email list and connect with your target audience. Our eCommerce focused Email Marketing campaigns are designed specifically for your brand. We automate and segment email collection and deliver effective email marketing that builds revenue.

Email has an unmatched ability to drive conversions for eCommerce sites. We’ll help you turn prospects into paying customers by delivering highly personalized and relevant messages at different phases of the buying cycle. We analyze customer purchase behavior to determine content and when to send campaigns. This allows us to seamlessly guide prospects through the sales funnel to conversion.

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Monthly Email Campaigns

We’ll nurture your email list and build relationships with monthly email campaigns. Our team will send a steady stream of messages that are relevant to your audience, will re-engage users and keep you in the forefront of their minds. Here are just a few things we create for a monthly email campaign:

Product Releases

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We’ll notify your customers of new products that are launching and create effective launch emails that prove you’re offering something useful.


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We’ll keep your subscribers informed of new promotions, discounts, special sales and exclusive offers.  

Popular Posts

Our team will share content that will interest your audience to keep customers engaged with your brand.

Order Confirmation

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Once a customer has made a purchase, we’ll send them an automatic order confirmation email, building your brand reliability.

Product Follow Up Emails

We’ll send your customers a follow up email to offer appreciation and support, while adding carefully crafted calls to action.

Email Drip Campaigns

Our drip campaigns are a series of marketing emails that are sent out automatically and on schedule. We’ll work with you to create effective campaigns based on content that converts. We utilize top performing content, eBooks or a product that we’ll help you to create to develop an effective email workflow that drives sales.

Email Collection

We’ll create popups that integrate with your email platform to collect emails and build your list of potential customers. Popups are designed around your brand and A/B tested to find which one converts visitors best. We monitor the performance of each popup and adjust based on the data.   

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Abandoned Cart Recovery

We’ll set up automatic email delivery when items are left in shopping carts. Our cart abandonment emails follow up with potential buyers to convert them into customers and win back lost revenue. We’ll personalize these emails to your brand and to the customer, adding in product recommendations and copy that converts.

Performance Metrics and Tracking

We’ll develop or define performance metrics for your eCommerce campaigns and work on tracking and reporting everything we can. We’ll segment your campaigns, monitor performance of open and click-through rates, watch for spikes in unsubscribes and more. By tracking as much as possible, our campaigns are based on customer insights and actionable data.


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