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Your Guide to 2018 Marketing Technology Tools for Small eCommerce Businesses

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We live in an increasingly automated and technical world. More technology than ever available to help businesses connect with customers and automate processes, and competition is getting fiercer as companies continue to do more, faster. Even just a few years ago, marketing technology was something available only to huge companies with incomes to match, leaving small business owners to do…

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UX best practices that are killing your SEO

UX Best Practices That Are Killing Your SEO

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The “humans vs. robots” plotline has long been a mainstay of the sci-fi genre. This clash of man versus machine doesn’t just happen in the movies however, it also plays out in the epic battle of UX vs SEO. There’s a common notion that UX designers keep end users in focus, while SEO professionals try to optimize websites based on…

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5 Website Hacks For A Better User Experience

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It’s 2017. By now, we all know how important good site design is, especially when it comes to reducing abandoned carts for eCommerce sites. However, creating an amazing site is never ending. As shopping habits change eCommerce merchants have to adapt their site design to meet the demands of their consumers. Today we’ll take a look at five good eCommerce…

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14 Ways to Drive Traffic to your site

14 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Time and Attention As marketers we have a lot on our plates like increasing conversion rates, decreasing bounce rates, and cultivating more customers from our various channels. Additionally, we have to work on traffic acquisition in an effort to increase conversion rates and cultivate a new customer base that drives sales. What we’re often at fault of doing, though, is…

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