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Are Facebook Ads Worth it?

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Many ecommerce companies and even brick and mortar stores are asking the million dollar question: Are Facebook ads worth it? Short answer: Yes. They can prove to be extremely efficient in bringing in new traffic, leads and even conversions. But there are tricks of the trade that can make your ads even more effective on Facebook. Exploring Different Ad Types…

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How This Fashion Brand Became a Multi-Million Dollar Business Through Affiliate Marketing and Email

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In a world where smartphones reign supreme (and millions of users spend hours of their day on sites like Facebook and Instagram) it’s no small wonder that businesses have flocked to social media platforms to reach consumers, establish a brand voice, and generate brand awareness. Instagram is earning $595 million (and counting) per year in mobile ad revenue alone, and…

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What Are Micro-Influencers and Why Should You Work With Them?

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An individual doesn’t have to have 100,000+ followers to be considered an influencer. Especially if you’re a small start-up company, it’s in your brand’s best interest to develop an influencer marketing strategy around influencers who have smaller but engaged social media followings. What are micro-influencers? Micro-influencers are active, influential social media users who have on average between 1,000-10,000 online followers….

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Here’s How You Can Use Instagram’s New Shoppable Stories to Boost Your Sales

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If you haven’t gotten around to using Instagram stories for your business yet, Instagram’s most recent announcement gives you all the more reason to start. Instagram announced Tuesday that they are introducing shoppable stories — which means when a brand posts an Instagram story, they can tag the image or video with the products featured and provide viewers with a direct…

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How Rachel Nilsson Leveraged Instagram to Build Her Multi-Million Dollar Brand

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Rachel Nilsson used influencer marketing to grow her multi-million dollar kids clothing business from nothing. And we really do mean nothing; Four years ago, with a husband in grad school and three young boys at home, Nilsson knew she had to do something to help her family survive. The family of five was “broke as a joke” (her words) and…

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How To Leverage Geo-Targeting For eCommerce Sites

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With an eCommerce business, you have the opportunity to sell to customers all over the world. That’s great! But customers in different locations shop differently and have varying needs, so you’ll sacrifice potential conversions if you sell to them as if they are all the same. Enter, geo-targeting. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can use geographical targeting…

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Your Guide to 2018 Marketing Technology Tools for Small eCommerce Businesses

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We live in an increasingly automated and technical world. More technology than ever available to help businesses connect with customers and automate processes, and competition is getting fiercer as companies continue to do more, faster. Even just a few years ago, marketing technology was something available only to huge companies with incomes to match, leaving small business owners to do…

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