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4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Site for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

4 Ways to Drive More Traffic to your Site for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

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The biggest shopping event of the year isn’t far away, and online retailers are working fervently to put the finishing touches on their Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaigns. Your competitors are working just as hard — if not harder — than you are, which makes your marketing preparations that much more important. A lot of merchants make one critical mistake during…

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21 holiday marketing campaign tactics

21 Holiday Marketing Campaign Tactics for Success — 2017 Edition

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The holiday season is right around the corner. As an eCommerce business, you’ve likely been thinking about the holiday shopping season since early summer. According to the National Retail Federation, the holidays can represent up to 30% of retailers’ annual sales. If you are looking to up your game in 2017, check out these 21 tips for successful eCommerce holiday…

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5 Website Hacks For A Better User Experience

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It’s 2017. By now, we all know how important good site design is, especially when it comes to reducing abandoned carts for eCommerce sites. However, creating an amazing site is never ending. As shopping habits change eCommerce merchants have to adapt their site design to meet the demands of their consumers. Today we’ll take a look at five good eCommerce…

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Why Your E-Commerce Site Must Be Mobile Optimized, Not Just Mobile Friendly

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Today more consumers are using their mobile devices to make purchases. So as an e-commerce retailer, you can’t just focus all your efforts on developing a good, user-friendly desktop website. You have to also develop a good, user-friendly mobile experience—for today’s tech-savvy consumers and to please Google. Since updating its algorithm in April of 2015 and again in March of…

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Must-Know Social Media Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Boosting Conversion Rates

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If you’ve stayed up to date with any news for the past few years, then you shouldn’t be surprised that social media is becoming a huge strategy for companies to engage their customer bases and build brand loyalty. You probably interact with several brands yourself, whether it’s by “liking” their posts on Facebook or by tweeting them to try to…

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How Visibility and Clarity Can Increase Traffic and Customer Engagement by 145%

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Problem: new services page, a products page taking most of the traffic. We were very excited to be working with ArmorActive. They had an excellent product and team working for them. ArmorActive sells enclosures for tablets; cases that can convert various kind of tablets into cash registers, interfaces, signs etc.  They were in the process of expanding on their offer…

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