How to Do Visual Content with Low, Medium, and High Budgets

While some people believe that the only way to create an effective visual content campaign for clients is to have a large budget, Dennis Shiao of Content Marketing Institute disagrees. Shiao learned that “budget doesn’t dictate successful outcomes.” In this recent blog post, learn about how you can drive success with your visual content using any kind of budget. Find out more here.

Why You Need a Mix of Organic and Paid Traffic for Content Marketing to Work (And How to Get it Right)

When it comes to driving traffic to your eCommerce site, it’s important to acknowledge that there should be a healthy mix of both organic and paid traffic bringing customers to your platform. In this article published by PPC Hero, you’ll learn the difference between organic and paid content marketing, how each plays a part in your marketing, and how you can use them to complement each other and help drive success. Click here to learn more.

13 Google Analytics Tracking Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

Google Analytics can be an incredibly helpful tool in tracking a plethora of information on your site. However, it is by no means a perfect system, and mistakes can be made that could seriously skew information coming in about your eCommerce business. In this blog post published by Ahrefs, you’ll find information on the most common mistakes and how to resolve them quickly. Check it out here!

7 Ways to Write More Likable Social Media Copy

With so many different social media platforms with varying content requirements, it can be hard to know where to start in creating the best copy for your business. In this article published by Wordstream, you’ll find tips and tricks on how to get started with compiling the most effective social media content to bring in more business and drive success. Click here to find out more!

3-Step Blog Strategy That Works: Storytelling, USPs & Sales

What is the best route to take when creating a blog content strategy? Ultimately, you want to help potential customers travel through the pipeline and make a purchase. So how can you use top-of-funnel resources, such as blogging, to get desired results? In this article from Search Engine Journal, you’ll find easy to follow steps on how to help make this happen. Learn more here!

8 Popular WordPress Plugins Are Currently Being Exploited By Hackers

It’s important to stay up to date on any updates or news from the tools you’re using for your eCommerce business. If you’re using WordPress to host your site, you will definitely want to check out this article from Search Engine Journal, which details 8 common WordPress plugins that are being exploited by hackers. Check it out here and see if you need to make any plugin adjustments.

Toxic Backlinks- How They Hurt SEO, and How to Get Rid of Them

Backlinks can prove to be an incredible SEO tool for your website. However, having the wrong kind of backlinks going back to your site can have the opposite effect. In this blog post published by Social Media Today, learn about what qualifies a toxic backlink, the effect they can have on your site, and how you can fix them. Read more here.

3 Tips for Optimizing Paid Social Campaigns for Seasonality

Creating paid social campaign plans is key to ensuring your success during peak periods. In this article published by Search Engine Land, Apogee Results’ Michelle Stinson Ross gives advice and guidance on how to make the most out of your paid social campaigns for seasonal marketing and peak periods. Click here to read more!

The Rules of Link Building- Best of Whiteboard Friday

Link building is one of the building blocks of SEO. Are you following best practices, or holding on to old techniques? In this Best of Whiteboard Friday post by Moz, you’ll find tips and guidance on what link building techniques to implement on your site, and which ones you can say goodbye to. Make it a read or take advantage of the video transcription. Click here to learn more!

Facebook Retargeting: How to Win Back Your Almost-Customers

Facebook can prove to be one of your most useful tools in driving business and attracting new customers. In this article published by Shopify, you’ll learn the ins and outs of Facebook retargeting, why it matters to your eCommerce business, and how you can use it to bring individuals back to your site who didn’t quit become customers. Click here to learn more! 

Increase Email Click-Through Rate with These 4 Emotional Triggers

When it comes to email marketing, it’s important to understand which tactics and methods to implement to bring the most success to your campaign. In this blog post published by Digital Marketer, you’ll learn about the 4 biggest triggers that they have found drives more link clicks in their email marketing campaigns. Click here to learn what they are and how to best implement them in your next marketing campaign!