What’s New in eCommerce Marketing?

Here at Stryde, we love marketing consumer product e-commerce businesses. One of our core values is curiosity. Our team eats, breathes, and sleeps digital marketing and we’re constantly self-educating by attending conferences, webinars, listening to podcasts and reading new blog content published by other though leaders.

Our goal with our weekly blog round up is to curate the best content for e-commerce business owners/marketing executives like you. We know that running and scaling an online store is stressful and that you probably don’t have the time to sit down, find the best content, self educate and execute yourself. That’s why we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you.

We hope that this takes some burden off of you or your team and that you enjoy this week’s roundup! Please reach out if you have any questions or would like one of our strategists to take a look at your business.

July 6-10 Industry Roundup

eCommerce Black Friday & Cyber Monday Digital Marketing Strategy 2020

Holiday shopping is predicted to begin earlier than usual this year, which means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday prep should be top of mind for business owners. In our recent blog post, we give step by step instructions and details on how you can prepare your brand for this year’s holiday season. Click here for more details.

Using Influencers to Drive Sales Through Word-of-Mouth Marketing in 2020

Word of Mouth Marketing, or Influencer Marketing, is a great way to build up your brand and help others to see your validity and reliability. So what is the best way to implement this style of marketing into your digital marketing plan? Get all of the details on why and how in this recent blog post from Seek, found here.

Why the Path to PPC Success is Rarely Straight

PPC has proven time and again to be a fantastic tool in driving success for an eCommerce business. But what are the best ways to bring the results you’re looking for and navigate the winding road of PPC? Get all the details and tips in this recent blog post from Search Engine Journal, found here.

Creating Signup Pages That Convert (With 12 Examples)

A signup page is a landing page with the sole purpose of helping your site get more registrations. It’s a great way to get attention from site visitors, but what are some best practices for putting together the most effective signup pages? In this recent article from Unbounce, you’ll find all of the best tips and tricks, accompanied by examples, on how to create the best signup page for your site. Check it out here.

How to Find & Improve Underperforming Content: A Practical Guide

We’ve all seen it before- a piece of content performs well, and then after a while, it starts to struggle and doesn’t bring in the same results as before. In this recent post from Search Engine Journal, you’ll find helpful insight on how to identify what content is underperforming and what you can do to bring it up to snuff again. Click here for the full article.

Instagram Gives All Users the Option to Pin Post Comments

After some testing earlier this year, Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows all users to pin up to three comments on a post. What does this mean and how can it be implemented in your social media strategy for your eCommerce business? In this recent blog post from Social Media Today, you can find all the details on the update, as well as the pros and cons of comment pinning. Click here for all the details.

How to Set Up a Simple Google Ads Testing Framework for Continual Campaign Optimization

Google Ads are a great way to help your eCommerce site gain more visibility in search results, and are a must for any SEO strategy. But what is the best way to set up for Google Ads to simplify continual campaign optimization? In this blog post from Search Engine Land, you’ll find tips and guidance on best practices for getting the most out of your Google Ads. Click here for the full post.

How to Create Effective Facebook Lead Ads: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Facebook ads are a great way to collect leads for an eCommerce business. In this recent post from Social Media Examiner, you’ll find a step by step guide to creating the most effective Facebook lead ads to drive more results and generate the traffic you’re looking for on your site. Click here to find all the details!

25 Things You Need to Know About Pinterest

Pinterest has proven time and again to be an effective social media platform to implement in your digital marketing strategy. But before you jump in, it’s best to do your research and ensure you understand the platform and how it should be used. In this blog post from Search Engine Journal, you’ll find the top 25 things you should know about Pinterest. Click here to learn more.

What Brands Need to Know About Global and Cross-Border eCommerce with Hendrik Laubscher

What do you need to know about global and cross-border eCommerce for your digital marketing strategy? In this recent blog post from Buy Box Experts, you’ll find insights from the experts on what it is and why it’s important to consider for your online business. Click here for all the details.

Order Confirmation Emails: How to Build on Your Customer’s Leap of Faith

One of the most important pieces to the eCommerce business puzzle is establishing trustworthiness with your customers. An order confirmation email is an easy yet powerful way to communicate to your customers that you have received their order and that it is in capable hands. In this recent article from Bigcommerce, you’ll find insight, tips, and tricks on why order confirmation emails are important and how to implement them. Click here for the full article.

3 Ways to Scale eCommerce with Data

What can we better understand about eCommerce to better drive results? In this recent article from Practical eCommerce, you’ll find all the details of what to focus on in terms of market, consumers, and products in the world of digital marketing and eCommerce business. Click here to check it out!

Black Friday as We Know It is Finally Dead

In light of the coronavirus, everything has changed. This is especially true when considering Black Friday. The past images of mass crowds flocking to stores to get doorbuster deals simply isn’t realistic in light of a pandemic. So what can you do for your eCommerce business to continue to take advantage of Black Friday with these fresh adjustments? Get all the details in this recent blog post from CNN Business, found here.

June 29-July 3 Industry Roundup

In a Year of Worsts, SEO Just Became the Best

With everything that we’ve experienced so far with COVID-19, one thing that we have found is that SEO has become a major emphasis for eCommerce businesses. With budgets majorly shifting and content priorities changing, many companies are started to turn their focus to SEO. How does this affect your online business? Click here to learn more.

Selling Through Storytelling: How to Craft a Compelling Brand Story

What is the best way to put together your brand’s story? In this recent blog post from Shopify, author Danya Winter explains the power of storytelling to craft your brand story to captivate consumers and help drive more lasting success to your eCommerce business. What can you do to take your brand’s story to the next level? Find out how here.

How to Improve Each Stage of Your eCommerce Sales Funnel

What are the most effective ways to improve your sales funnel to drive the results you’re looking for? In this recent post from Wordstream, we learn that “understanding the customer’s journey can help you optimize your digital marketing strategies and increase your conversion rate.” Get more info and tips on how to make this happen here.

How to Connect with Clients in the Time of COVID-19: 3 Tips

If there’s one thing that the coronavirus has done for us, it has given us an opportunity to be creative. Search Engine Journal explains that some of the most meaningful connections we can make with our clients do not require close physical proximity. Click here to learn more about how you can make effective connections happen for your eCommerce business.

Google Shopping Ads Are Free to Display in Main Search Results

Google shopping ads are now available for retailers in US search results, and they are officially free to display in main search results. How can you use this feature to your advantage to take your Google presence to the next level? Get all the details in this recent article from Search Engine Journal.

How to Grow Your Email Subscribers With a Facebook Messenger Giveaway

Email marketing is a fantastic way to promote your business and create touchpoints for your clients. If you’re looking for a way to increase your number of email subscribers, putting together a Facebook Messenger giveaway could be just the thing to get the ball rolling. In this recent blog post from Social Media Examiner, get all the details and tips on how to make it happen. Click here for the full article.

12 Reasons to Integrate Visual Content Into Your Marketing Campaigns

Visual content has proven time and again to be an incredible tool in digital marketing. What makes it so effective and why should you integrate it into your marketing strategy? In this recent post from Social Media Today, you’ll find the top 12 reasons why visual content is so powerful. How can you implement it for your eCommerce business? Click here for the details. 

Facebook Expands Creator Monetization Program, Adds New Analytics Tools and Ad Options

With the rise of COVID-19, Facebook noticed some changes in how individuals were reacting to videos and ads. In response, they recently expanded their Creator Monetization program, added new analytics tools to implement, and included new ad options to explore for your eCommerce business. Social Media Today gives us all the details on these updates in their recent blog post- check it out here.

SEO Agency-Client Communication: Unlocking Contracts in the New Normal

At the beginning of the coronavirus-induced lockdown, marketing agencies across the country found themselves juggling clients that wanted campaigns paused and contracts put on hold. Now that we are entering a new normal, what is the best way to unlock these contracts and unpause those campaigns to help clients see success? Find helpful tips and tricks on how to navigate those conversations in this recent post from Search Engine Journal, found here.

The Best of 2020

Shopify Partners with Facebook to Help Businesses Launch Branded Facebook Shops

Facebook recently partnered with Shopify to launch their new Facebook Shops feature, available on both Facebook and Instagram. This gives businesses the ability to showcase their products with a customized look and feel. In this post from Shopify, you’ll find all the details on this new feature and how to implement it. Find all the details here!

13 Instagram Ad Examples

Looking for some fresh inspiration to drive new content for your Instagram ads? In this post from Digital Marketer, you’ll find effective examples of Instagram ads for small and large companies that are sure to inspire. Check it out here and start making your ad strategy!

Is Bounce Rate a Useful Metric for eCommerce?

Bounce rate is a factor that is frequently discussed for eCommerce businesses, but how helpful is it for your website? In this article from eCommerce Guide, you’ll find everything you need  to know about what bounce rates are, what they mean for your site, and how they can be useful for you. Get all the details here.

The Best Amazon PPC Strategy in 2020

As best practices for Amazon advertising changes and evolves, it’s important to keep up with the latest adjustments and create a plan of action according to the changes. In this blog post published by Evolved Commerce, you’ll find guidance from organic sales, paid sales, and best as campaign structure. Looking to take your Amazon game to the next level? This is a great place to start. Click here to read on.

Search Audiences & User Intent: SEO’s Secret Weapon

How can SEO experts best use search query data to understand the needs of their audience? In this article published by Search Engine Journal, you’ll find insights on query patterns and customer insights, as well as advice on how to use this to your benefit. Looking for a fresh way to understand your audience and what they’re looking for? Click here to learn more.

20 (Free) Things You NEED to Do After Launching Your eCommerce Website

You’re getting your eCommerce business off the ground and you just launched your website, a very exciting step that is deserving of fanfare! But this doesn’t mean that the work is over- just the opposite, in fact. In this article published by Search Engine Journal, you’ll receive guidance and tips on 20 things you absolutely should do after launching your website. Did I mention that they are all FREE? Click here to learn more.

Building top-funnel content to influence bottom-funnel pages (with real example)

Finding the right balance and direction with your site content is key to your success in your eCommerce business. So how do you determine what content to publish to help your top-funnel content influence your bottom-funnel pages? in this article published Search Engine Land, you’ll find direction and tips on how to create the right kind of content to help you reach your business goals. Learn more here.

Your abandoned-cart email program is valuable to your bottom line, don’t neglect it

When was the last time you looked at or updated your abandoned-cart emails? Are you properly optimizing it to get the most out of the tool? Why do abandoned-cart emails even matter? In this article by Marketing Land, you’ll find all of the details and direction you need to make the most out of your abandoned-cart emails to drive more sales and success. Click here to learn more.

How to Leverage Video to Improve Your Paid Social Campaigns

Maintaining fresh and diverse content on your eCommerce social media platforms is essential to keeping your audience engaged. Stryde’s Anthony Christie explains that “in recent years, more and more businesses are seeing the value of video” and are choosing to implement it more and more in their content. Read the entire post here.

Boost Your Promotional Strategy (+ Online Sales) With Customer Discounts and Free Shipping

Many businesses have found that offering discounts and creating loyalty programs to be extremely beneficial, and especially in trying times, offering these kidneys of incentives can show your clientele that you care about them. In this article published by Bigcommerce, you’ll learn about best practices on how to most effectively offer discounts, create loyalty programs, and implement promotional marketing strategies to boost business. Click here to learn more.