What Is SEO? According to Wikipedia, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is defined as:

the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results
Or in other words, having them show up here: ranking-organically Not only can you optimize a web page, but you can optimize images to show up in the search results: image-search-results You can optimize videos to show up in the search results: video-search-results You can optimize news releases to show up in the search results: news-search-results And just about any other type of content you can think of (I know… a little excessive on the arrows 🙂 ): optimize-all-content

Why Is SEO Important?

This might sound like a silly question to ask, but it’s definitely a valid question. SEO is important because by showing up high in the search results… also known as the search engine results pages (SERPs), you are more visible to your potential clients and customers when they search for something they need or want. If you are visible, then you have the prime opportunity to bring them to your website and begin the process of turning them into a buyer and then into a brand advocate. This can potential add tens of thousands of dollars… even millions to your bottom line each year. That is why massive brands like Dell, eBay, Amazon, and Zappos invest heavily in SEO.

How Do You Do SEO?

So, now you are probably thinking… that sounds great! How do I get started? Well, doing SEO is a lot more tricky than it sounds. It involves properly structuring your website, having sufficient content, optimizing that content, generating press for your business, enticing other websites to link to your content, generating social shares and building a community, and the list goes on and on. Fact is… SEO is hard and SEO is a very long term strategy. You don’t just do SEO, you build SEO into everything you are currently doing with your business and everything you want to do with your business. That is why so many businesses try and fail at SEO and why it is more important than ever to hire an SEO company with the experience and capacity to set a proper strategy and execute that strategy on your behalf. Do you see where I’m going with this?

How To Get Started With SEO?

If you’re thinking “hey, I’d like to integrate SEO into my business”, then I suggest you get started today. Every day you wait is another day that your competitors are capturing market share and stretching the gap between you and them. Contact us today if you’d like to start generating the visibility that you deserve!]]>

Greg is the founder and CEO of Stryde and a seasoned digital marketer who has worked with thousands of businesses, large and small, to generate more revenue via online marketing strategy and execution. Greg has written hundreds of blog posts as well as spoken at many events about online marketing strategy. You can follow Greg on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.