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A successful organic search campaign is built upon a solid SEO foundation:

eCommerce businesses all too often focus on creating a well-designed website that provides the ultimate brand experience once someone gets to their site. Unfortunately, they fail to incorporate search engine optimizations best practices in the new design.

Typical Results: A fancy looking site that no one will see.

Don’t limit your ability to be found in organic search results. After we onboard every client, we review the website to ensure it aligns with industry-accepted best practices for search engine visibility and coherence. Most importantly, we ensure that user experience is optimized.

Our Results: You get the best of both worlds—a nice looking site that will be able to drive organic search traffic. 

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Here’s Our Process for Driving SEO Growth for eCommerce Sites

Keyword Optimization

To properly optimize your site, we need to understand what your audience searches for online. By using various tools, we’re able to fully assess what search terms your customers use, analyze relevancy and predict future trending terms. Our keyword research process gives you a comprehensive snapshot of your website’s current organic search standing relative to the competition with an action plan on how to compete. We create a keyword strategy for optimizing product, category, sub-category, brand and other pages on your site.


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Keyword Optimizations Includes

Keyword Research

During the keyword research phase, we’ll analyze hundreds of keyword variations to understand how your customers search Google to find products that fill their needs. We analyze things like keyword search volume (to know how often users are searching for your potential products) and keyword difficulty to know how hard it might be to compete with the competition.

Keyword Mapping

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Once we have a solid grasp of the keywords your customers are using, we will map keywords to the specific pages on your site. This helps search engines know which page(s) need to rank for certain keyword phrases. This becomes the guiding document for optimizing the rest of the site in order to drive a considerable amount of organic search traffic to your website.

Keyword Targeting

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After we research and map your keyword strategy as detailed above, we implement our keyword strategy through various elements of your site like title, description and header tags to help search engines clearly know what the page is about. As simple as this might seem, we find that the majority of the sites we work with don’t take the time to really establish a clear keyword strategy and then target keywords on their site.

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Technical SEO Audit

The website performance or technical SEO audit is a detailed report outlining any issues the front end or backend of your eCommerce store has that will impact its ability to rank well with search engines and what to do to fix them.

Our website performance audit includes three facets

Technical Audit

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During the technical SEO audit, we dig deep into your website to ensure the search engine crawlers can easily access and crawl your website. Ensuring the site is technically sound, along with other aspects of your campaign, helps increase the website’s visibility in the search results.

Website Structure Optimization

The site structure optimization process prepares your website to be crawled by the search engines and makes it simple for them to associate keyword themes with every page of your store. This allows us to generate additional visibility in the search engines, which results in increased sales for you.

Prioritization & Implementation

After we perform the thorough analysis detailed above, we prioritize our recommendations and give you a timeline of implementation. We base prioritization on identifying the most impactful changes, those that will move the needle, and address those first.

Content Optimization

Producing quality, authoritative content is a key factor in our SEO services for eCommerce sites. Making sure product descriptions, specifications, features and any other piece of content you have on your site is unique. We’ll review your site for any issues that may hinder your ability to rank well. Our team will rework or create new content that is optimized on three levels: for search engines, for social media sharing and for user engagement.

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Content Optimization For

Search Engines

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We carry over the same principles we applied in our technical SEO audit to the optimization of each piece of content. Relevant query focuses we identified in the keyword research phase are incorporated in the content optimization phase.

Social Media

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Ensuring your content is fully optimized for sharing and distribution on social media means that content is optimized for each platform’s unique specifications. Our team will make use of Rich Pins, Open Graph meta tags and other methods for optimizing your content on social platforms.

User Engagement

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The overarching purpose of your content is to engage your brand’s target users. That’s why we review and optimize every piece of content created. Whether your user requires specific content features, adaptations or sharing options, we ensure all necessary optimizations are present.

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