At Stryde, our approach to ecommerce SEO is broken into three simple steps: Site architecture, content structure, and link building.

By adjusting one or all of these levers, we are able to quickly understand what is needed to improve your organic visibility and helps us build projections for traffic and revenue growth through our search engine optimization efforts. These elements become even more complex if you are an enterprise business looking to scale your SEO efforts. Fortunately, we have an enterprise SEO solution

Utilizing various tools, our agency discovers how customers are finding and purchasing your products through organic search. We then perform a competitive analysis to see how you compare to similar ecommerce brands. This enables us to quickly identify opportunities for growth and helps us create a strategy to improve your sites organic rankings. This strategy is built into an SEO roadmap designed for your unique business and provides a list of prioritized recommendations. Each of the three SEO levers is outlined below.


A site’s architecture plays a critical role in how well search engines can crawl, read and index the information found on a given page. Ecommerce businesses need to understand how search engines rank information for specific search terms to best optimize their site.

Our team performs an SEO technical audit that enables us to view the backend health of your website as well as the frontend to provide comprehensive recommendations that allow Google search bots and users to easily access and navigate your site. 

We’ll audit numerous technical elements of your site like site speed, render-blocking JavaScript files, schema markup, images, server response codes, faceted navigation and numerous other technical aspects of the site to make sure you have the technical structure in place to rank. After we audit the site, we prioritize our recommendations and give you a timeline of implementation. We base prioritization on identifying the most impactful changes, those that will move the needle, and address those first. Here are some of the technical aspects of your site we look over.


Search engines still rely heavily on authoritative and relevant external links pointing to websites as part of the search algorithm. External links pass link equity and postively impact organic growth. Some of the areas of external link building we look at for an ecommerce company include: 


External links are links placed on another site pointing back to your website. Optimal external links use descriptive keywords in the anchor text to reflect the product or category pages ecommerce stores are trying to target. External links also pass link equity or ranking power differently than internal links because Google views these links as a third party endorsing your website.


The best way for Google to understand who you are and what you sell is by following the internal links on your site. Google bots will begin on your homepage and will then crawl pages you have internal linked to on your page. From there, Google is able to work out the relationship between your pages, and identifies what you should rank for. 

Adding the right internal links ensures Google can understand the relevance of each page, the relationship between pages and the value of the page.


Make every word count. Stryde’s content marketing strategy will help lay the foundation for your website to be seen and your message to be heard. Our in-depth ecommerce SEO content audit looks at thin or duplicate content that could be impacting your site negatively, reviewing FAQ and questions being answered on your site to make sure it matches up with quick answer boxes, identifies areas to expand content on product, category, and blog posts, and more. We’ll craft incredible and varied content, such as blog posts, long-form content, quizzes, giveaways and more. We use our knowledge of your industry and target market to select the most appropriate topics, create the content and measure the impact it has for your specific brand. 

As part of our audit we look at all aspects of content on the site to understand and prioritize where to focus our efforts. This helps us build a content strategy that strengthens your current content, organizes it to best be seen by search engines, and identify areas to build new content to attract more customers to your site.


Does everything you’ve seen so far line up with your growth plan? Get in touch so we can run an audit on your site to determine the biggest opportunities when it comes to site architecture, content structure and link building and to see if we are good fit.

From there, we start to build an ecommerce SEO roadmap. The SEO roadmap is fully built out in the first month of working together and becomes the blueprint for how we will work to clean up and optimize your website to get your rankings and traffic moving in the right direction.