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Finally, the searcher behavior data you’ve been searching for. We’re not talking about the keywords people search for, but what they do when they use search engines. The data comes from Rand Fishkin’s Moz article which you should definitely check out. This info can really help guide your digital marketing efforts. 40-60 billion searches are performed on Google in the U.S. every month. And that’s likely an underestimate. Of course there are other popular search engines that only add to the argument that good SEO practices are a must for ecommerce businesses to thrive. The average searcher uses 3 words in a search query. This shouldn’t radically change the way you think about SEO. However, knowing that your audience is likely to think in threes should become a helpful guideline for creating the prose in your content. SEO has 20 times more traffic opportunity than PPC. On mobile, paid clicks account for 2% of search traffic, while on desktop it only increases to 2.8%. And organic clicks amount to 40.9% and 62.2% of search traffic, respectively. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ads in front of a relevant audience, but if it’s at the cost of SEO then you should change your mind. 18% of searches lead to a change in search query. Based on the first statistic we discussed there are 7.2-10.8 billion searches that don’t answer the question on the first try. Imagine the potential for being the result–the only result–that addresses a searcher’s need. Check out the original article by Rand Fishkin on Moz.]]>

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