eBooks, buying guides and blog posts are solid, dependable ways to generate revenue. Content has always been a great revenue generator for eCommerce businesses. That hasn’t changed much over the years; what does change, though, is how that content is packaged and presented to potential customers.   We’ve moved from simple keyword-filled posts to thoughtful, inspiring content, and videos, podcasts and graphics. All of those forms of content are great ways to generate revenue growth, but there’s one, in particular, that’s not utilized as much as it should be among e-commerce businesses – quizzes. They’re not just something you take to find out how knowledgeable you are about TV shows. Quizzes can be effective revenue generators when used correctly.

Look at other ecommerce companies using quizzes

You’ll learn a lot about revenue growth by observing other companies’ efforts. This example – from eConsultancy.com – shows how the power of personalization in a quiz can lead to direct sales. Birchbox, a skincare company, created a quiz designed to help users find their “Face Mask Soul Mate.” The quiz was short, but with questions pointed enough to generate thorough conclusions. At the end of the quiz, users would see their recommended face mask along with a link to purchase it. The result was a 3% sales conversion rate from users taking the quiz. The shift quizzes have made from being a time-filler to an additional stream of information about your audience can be highly valuable to your business if done right. Consider this quiz from Fabletics.Fabletics workout personality quiz Right off the bat, Fabletics gathers information to segment their audience. From gym rats to runners, they can lump users into groups and further filter those down to sub-groups that want specific products within the running apparel niche. That ability to gather data is the reason quizzes work so well to generate revenue growth. The more you know about your audience, the more effective you’ll be at selling them a product that meets their needs.

Niche industries

If you’re selling in an industry that doesn’t lend itself immediately to quizzes you’ll have to get creative. Take a company like Power Equipment Direct as a good example. Instead of visiting big-box sites to buy power tools at retail prices, Power Equipment Direct sells direct-to-consumer right off their website. Now, you could make the assumption that people ordering from this type of site would already know what they want. However, customers still have questions about what options will work best for their specific needs.    Something as simple as, “Which lawn mower is right for you?” to “Do You Need a Chainsaw or Log Splitter?” segments your audience for better marketing down the road, and instantly narrows down the options of dozens of chainsaws to a handful that fit a user’s specific needs. If you are constantly coming up with new ways to leverage content marketing tactics to increase your revenue in 2018, you should consider a quiz if you haven’t yet. ]]>

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