What Are Enhanced AdWords Campaigns?

Enhanced Campaigns. In short, Enhanced AdWords Campaigns are supposed to make it easier for advertisers like you and I to create compelling ads that target both desktop and mobile users. Their end goal is to simplify the process of creating and managing ads in a world that is driven by multi-device content consumption. The problem with this approach is that advertisers have lost their ability to target users and control campaign messaging based on the type of device they use to consume content. In most cases, advertisers like to change bidding strategies and deliver different ads based on device and by June 2013, Google will have taken that option away from everyone and in essence, making those decisions on your behalf. When explaining why they are making this change Google said the following:

With enhanced campaigns, instead of having to cobble together and compare several separate campaigns, reports and ad extensions to do this, the pizza restaurant can easily manage all of this in one single place. Enhanced campaigns help you reach people with the right ads, based on their context like location, time of day and device type, across all devices without having to set up and manage several separate campaigns.
To some, this might sound nice, but in my honest opinion, most advertisers (especially advanced users and those who have several million dollar ad spends) want more control over their campaigns, not less. I also think this will drive up the CPC (cost per click) for advertisers when their ads are displayed on mobile devices, which is not cool. So what do you think? Is this change good or bad? You can get more information about Enhanced AdWords Campaigns here. We will also leave you with a video introducing you to the changes. ]]>

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