the word “brand” comes up in conversations with a company, other words accompany it like “logo” or “name recognition”. While these are part of a brand, there is more too it. Marketers sometimes call it the “look and feel”. If a customer went to your website or social media pages, would they have the same experience? Are your social media marketers working with your webpage designers to consider color palette, fonts, and other design elements? As you move your customers from social media to a webpage, you want to transition to be as subtle as possible. It’s not always possible when the social media platform doesn’t allow for too much customization, however, the design is just a part of it. The tone, the language, the calls-to-action are all part of the brand experience. Your followers trust you; that’s why they’re willing to be a fan. They expect a similar experience regardless of where they are interacting with you. Some brands become so strong that the customer only has to see a graphic to know who created it. Many brand marketers will tell you that brand isn’t an identity; it’s the feeling that a person has that they associate with your product that makes a brand. Oreo has a successful social media presence and not because it’s Oreos. They have created a brand that allows people to recognize the company and suddenly 3 million people crave an Oreo. The logo. The colors. The font face. The design. Social media marketing doesn’t just mean putting up a clever and witty post every couple of days. All of this is important to creating a brand experience. The brand experience is about the positive touch points your brand has with the customers. The more positive interactions you have, the more likely you will win points and they will continue to buy your product. Those kids keep coming back to the book because they love the feel of the kitten’s fur. What will they experience and love about your brand to keep them coming back?]]>

Laurel is a member of the executive team at Stryde. She's been doing digital marketing for businesses for 10 years. Two years ago, she started set up her own ecommerce business selling baby gowns and knows the struggles of a small business owner. She loves talking about digital marketing, content, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.