Highly Effective Audience Targeting Through Paid Advertising

Paid Social Ads

We will help form and execute a paid social media strategy that will drive results. Through audience targeting, ad content development, campaign optimization, and tracking we are able to boost your ROAS. We leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to reach consumers at different points in the buying cycle.

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Paid Search

By leveraging audience targeting, keyword adjustments, ad copy testing, landing page optimization, and various tools, we can help you get in front of highly qualified visitors who are searching for your specific products. Our PPC strategy is designed to lower cost and maximize profitability.

Retargeting Ads

Using retargeting ads we are able to create highly targeted ads in order to get in front of the right audience at the right time by helping convert online browsers into buyers once they leave the site. For online retailers, you’ll want to use retargeting (aka remarketing) ads in addition to RLSA ads for creating and fostering top-of-mind awareness.

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Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads typically outperform other ad types by 2X. The key to having a successful shopping campaign starts with your data feed. If your data feed is easily managed and optimized we can help with your shopping campaigns. We’ll manage your bids for each product level to help boost sales for top performing products while reducing wasted spend on products that don’t convert.

YouTube Ads

Our marketing strategy helps you get your video ads in front of an audience that will respond and engage. We’ll look at in-stream/discovery ads, YouTube shopping ads, bumper ads and more to determine what will work best based on your marketing campaign and objective.

“The ads are rocking it! Already better results than we have ever had in terms of spend vs. sales. I’m stoked to be working with you guys!” – Josh L, Lucy Avenue Boutique