How Content Strategy & Content Marketing Are Separate But Connected – Robert Rose @ CMI This post reminds us (or maybe is telling you something you didn’t realize before) that content strategy and content marketing are related, but are two very different practices. We learn how they are different and that we need a solid content strategy within our company’s approach of content marketing. Prove Your Commitment To Achieving Content Marketing ROI – Arnie Kuenn @ CMI You know as a content marketer that content marketing is a valuable asset to your marketing plan, but your executives might not always feel the same. Tracking the right KPIs, like consumption metrics and lead-generation metrics, provide the evidence you need to prove the ROI from your content marketing efforts to your executives. Make Your Demand Generation More Effective With These 3 Processes – Jay Hidalgo @ CMI Most companies know they need to better focus on their buyers to achieve better results, but they don’t know how to do it. Jay tells us how to make our demand generation more effective through three specific sub-processes: develop a buyer persona, define the buying process, and develop a content framework. SEO For Content Marketing: How Do Links Impact Google Website Rankings? – Andy Crestodina @ Curata When you create a page on your site, you always have to think about search engine optimization because search is a great supplier of traffic for your site and its content. This article tells you how links impact Google’s search engine rankings and offers four ways you can generate those links into your content marketing efforts. Content Marketing Best Practices Report: Creating A Culture of Content – Lee Odden @ Top Rank Lee gives his synopsis and opinion on the report, The Culture of Content. He says businesses need to create a culture of content, tells why it’s important and how to do so, and claims that taking your content beyond marketing is what’s going to drive success across all your business functions in the next year. Content Marketing 101: A Huge Collection of Tips & Tricks – Nicole Miller @ Buffer In this post, you’re given content marketing tips from a team at Atomic Reach, i.e. what content marketing is, how to write for your target audience, etc. They also provide a list of 34 must-read content marketing blogs that every content marketer or aspiring content marketer should follow. 25 Ways To Create Shareable Content – Gini Dietrich @ Convince & Convert You need a sturdy content development process in place to create fresh, useful, and interesting content your audience wants to read and share. This post provides a list of 25 things that will help you better create more shareable content. The Paid Social Distribution Playbook – Amanda Walgrove @ Contently Paid content distribution gets your content in front of more eyes and the right eyes. Inside this blog post are four social platforms your company should test to discover which one or ones work best for increasing your distribution and growing your audience. Should You Repost Your Blog Content On Other Websites? A Data-Driven Answer – Neil Patel @ QuickSprout Neil from KISSmetrics learned from experience the dangers of wrongly reposting content on other sites. He says reposting your content to more authoritative sites isn’t going to create more traffic for your site, but he does offer tips on how to correctly repost and not get penalized for doing so. Everything You Need To Know About Middle-of-Funnel Content In Under 500 Words – Anne Murphy @ Kapost Reading this blog post doesn’t just define middle-of-funnel content for you. It also gives you marketers’ goals and objectives with this type of content, the key elements of this content, and four examples of companies that create great middle-of-funnel content. How Can The Value of Top-of-Funnel Channels Be Measured – Rand Fishkin @ Moz In this Whiteboard Friday post, Rand discusses the value of top-of-funnel demand creation, and how you can measure and prove the value behind top-of-funnel channels and tactics used. 10 Content Marketing Trends Every Leader Need To Know For 2015 – John Hall @ Inc After talking with experts about what they think the content marketing landscape is going to be like for the upcoming year, John compiled a list of the top 10 content marketing trends those experts expect to see in 2015. Knowing these will help you gear up for this next year in the content marketing world. 3 Key Components To Building Social Media Campaigns That Drive Results – Greg Shuey @ Social Media Today If you want to be able to handle the teenager that social media now is and achieve your desired social media campaign results, you must follow the three necessary components provided in this guide. It’s also pointed out that unless you continually create great content, you can’t have a successful social media campaign. The 6 Steps To Perfectly Optimizing Any Content – Neil Patel @ Marketing Land When you’re optimizing content, don’t think of it as a technical task that necessitates a certain number of keywords or other SEO practices. Instead, Neil states that other factors, like building trust and creating quality, are more important and influential when optimizing your content. He lists the six steps you need to achieve the optimized content you want in this post. How To Promote Your Blog Without Letting The Rest of Your Blogging Slide – Darren Rowse @ ProBlogger Growing traffic to your blog isn’t going to happen overnight. It takes time and effort on your part trying to grow your site’s traffic, and that time and effort, according to Darren, involves networking, guest posting, and crafting high-quality content for your blog. It’s going to take some patience and juggling, but it can be done. Five Ways SEO Still Dictates Content Marketing Success – Christine Warner @ Relevance This author nailed it on the head when she said, “Quality and SEO should be equal players in developing content strategy.” She provides 5 SEO tactics that will ensure you create content that resounds with your audience and with the search engines. You’ve Heard of Big Data But What Is Big Content? – Michael Brenner @ Relevance Ever heard of Big Content? If you haven’t, this is a great read for you. You learn what Big Content is, and are given the author’s thoughts and opinions on the subject. Establishing Your Blog As A Learning Center For Content Marketing Success – Arnie Kuenn @ Relevance In this blog post, you’re reminded that your company’s blog isn’t a place to self-promote and sell your products or services. Your blog should help your audience find the answers to their questions; it should be a learning center they want to visit often. The Step-by-Step Guide To Facebook Content Promotion – Zach Etten @ Vertical Measures Facebook is a valuable marketing channel your business should be using if you don’t already. This article provides the required steps to help you get started using Facebook to better promote your content. The Difference Between Curation & Simply Collecting – Bryant Wood @ Right Intel Several of today’s brands believe they’re curating content when actually they’re just collecting content. Read this insightful article to find out the difference between the two, and to learn how you can start creating content and why it’s what you should be doing.]]>

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