fantastic infographic posted by Kapost yesterday and felt it was right in line with our blog post from yesterday about storytelling and content marketing. storytelling and content marketing The main points of the graphic are as follows:

  • Stories Trump Logic – Persuasion is most effective when people are “transported” to another place using a story.
  • Language Is Powerful – When we hear a story, the areas of our brain we would use to experience the actual events of that story are activated.
  • Cliches Kill – The frontal cortex – the area of your brain responsible to experience emotions – can’t be activated with cliches.
  • Music Matters – Our brain uses two different areas to identify the meaning of words – one identifies the mood from the melody and intonation of the words and one identifies the actual message.
Telling stories isn’t a waste of time. It’s how you connect with your audience on an emotional level, which makes it easier to get them to take action. Which is why companies engage in marketing.]]>

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