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HOW TO: Write a Press Release That Gets Noticed

Whenever a company launches a new product, service or feature set, it’s customary to send out a press release.

Unfortunately, thousands of these go out every single day and most are completely ignored.


This doesn’t mean the art of the press release has died, it just means that most press releases are boring and poorly written. Not to mention the sheer number of releases that hit the wire each day completely inundate journalists who wouldn’t have enough time to read them even if they wanted to.

So, how do you make your press release stand out? How do you actually get coverage in media outlets for your new product, service or feature set?

Get creative. Very creative. But not so creative that your point is missed. There’s no doubt there is an invisible line you must get close to but not go over.

Let’s look at two examples of creative press releases that worked really well and see what we can learn from them.

SEOmoz Announces Their Series B Funding

When SEO software company, SEOmoz, announced their Series B funding they did so with a memefied press release.

Using funny and popular Internet memes they creatively told what would otherwise be a boring story.

Their press release could have said, “Today SEOmoz received a Series B round of financing to grow the business.” That, along with a quote from Rand Fishkin, the founder and CEO of the company, would have sufficiently told the story. However, it’s unlikely that the press release alone would have captured the attention of any journalist.

By using funny pictures the SEOmoz team ensured their press release would capture the attention of anyone who came across it.

Arrested Development Announces It’s Return

Netflix has recently revived the previously cancelled Fox show, Arrested Development.

One way the marketing team behind Arrested Development’s return got the word out is through creative press outreach.

While the email example below isn’t really a press release, it is an example of creative content that delights journalists!

What Will Your Next Press Campaign Look Like?

What will you do to get your next press release or press outreach campaign noticed?

Here are some tips:

  • Be funny and/or creative
  • Use as few words as possible (your release should be no longer than 1 page)
  • Don’t use any industry jargon – always present a clear message
  • Include high quality images and/or video that a journalist can use in an article
  • Answer all the W’s: Who, What, Where, When and Why
  • Insert links where appropriate
  • Personalize your outreach emails when possible
  • Think outside the box

Alright, I know “think outside the box” is one of those phrases that has no real meaning, but I think you know what I mean (haha). Don’t go with a straight, dry, boring campaign if you’re looking to make a splash!

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