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Jordan Foutz

Guide To Setting Up eCommerce Tracking in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is a partner every eCommerce business needs. It provides valuable insights about your website, website visitors and where they came from, and all this data helps you strategize new or better ways to attract new customers and improve conversion rates. eCommerce tracking, if you don’t know what it is, is a feature Google Analytics offers that lets eCommerce…

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Leveraging influencers

Guide to Leveraging Influencers in 2017

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Last year, one of the year’s trendy marketing buzzwords was influencer marketing. But unlike butterfly clips and Pokemon Go, influencer marketing—marketing that focuses on using industry leaders to drive a business’s message and/or product to a bigger market—is a trend that’s here to stay for the long haul. Why eCommerce Businesses Should Consider Influencer Marketing   Back in the day,…

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How to build a profitable email list

How to Build an Insanely Profitable Email List

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Email marketing is still the most effective tool in a marketer’s arsenal. Since it’s so insanely profitable, you can’t afford to sleep on continuing to build an email list for your eCommerce business as quickly as possible. According to some research from Shopify, email marketing provides a nearly 4,300% ROI, in addition to roughly 70% of email recipients saying that…

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3 Proven Ways To Increase Customer Product Reviews

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Nowadays, people can buy anything online. Some things are easy to buy, like Blu-ray movies and books—but apparel isn’t. There’s a lot more to think about when buying clothes and shoes, like the size, fit and quality of materials used. It’s harder for consumers to know these qualities when shopping online because they can’t physically see or try on the…

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