1. Add lots of customer reviews. No matter how many details and pictures you share or how much you rave about your product being the No. 1 of its kind in your market, customers need reassurance that your product does what you say it does and that they can trust what you say. You give them that reassurance with customer reviews:

Not only do they help sell new customers, they help you with your SEO efforts, like creating unique content and capturing more long-tail SEO traffic as well as web traffic from users searching for ‘product name + reviews’.

[Screenshots from fossil.com]

And posting some negative reviews helps, too. Don’t post a lot obviously (hopefully you don’t receive a lot or that’s something else you need to improve), but 68% of customers trust product reviews more when there’s a mix of positive and negative ones—because we all know no one, and no company, is perfect.

2. Build out trust signals.

Along with product reviews, clearly state how much shipping is, how soon the product will ship out, how soon it will arrive and make it easy to save to a wish list. These things don’t just make it easy for follow-up emails and retargeting campaigns, but they reduce anxiety, like giving a customer peace of mind to know if she buys this product from you it will arrive on time to give to her dad for his birthday. You can summarize this information to save some space on the product page, but if you do that make sure to include a link to a page that has more detailed information.

[Screenshot from nordstrom.com]

Also, if your product has any kind of certification, don’t just write it in your product description where it might be overlooked; make it really stand out by creating a badge to showcase it. These badges don’t just make your product look better, they make consumers more willing to trust you and your product, especially if the certification is from another company they already know and trust. One online company saw a 7.6% increase in conversion when they placed a security seal on the page.

3. Include several product images.

In the world of online shopping, customers can’t physically try on or test your product. Help them imagine themselves wearing your sweater or using your gadget with high-quality pictures.

[Screenshot from vitamix.com]

The key to good pictures is showing the product from different angles, setting up an image zoom feature and if size matters, showing the product next to something known so people can better understand its actual size, like an earring on a girl’s ear or a pendent next to a quarter. Also consider showing your product in different settings if it makes sense, such as having one stock photo of your stroller and then one of it actually being used by a mom and her kid on a sidewalk. Something that worked wonders for online retailer DueMaternity.com was using 360-degree rotating images, which converted at a 27% higher rate than standard images for them.

4. Integrate live chat.

Live chat is a simple way to improve a page’s conversion rate. People want questions answered and problems solved quickly—live chat makes both happen.

[Screenshot from cellercise.com]

Knowing a customer rep is right there to help makes a shopper’s life easier. It lets them know you’re readily available and increases trust. It also gives your customer rep a chance to make the sale happen. (Tip: This person doesn’t need to be salesy, just be helpful and honest.)

5. Offer a money back guarantee (if you’re bold enough).

How often have you asked yourself when shopping online, “What happens if I don’t end up liking this once it arrives?” I think we all have numerous times.

[Screenshots from llbean.com]

If you tell people that your product is the best and they won’t be disappointed by it, then you better be able to back up all that talk with some action. And that action is putting a money back guarantee and return policy on every product page. To earn a customer’s trust and get them to buy your product, you have to have confidence in your products, and adding a section on each product page that says they’ll be 100% satisfied and if they aren’t they can get their money back shows your confidence. A well-designed product page translates into a well-designed online shopping experience that will increase your conversions and sales. Make these 5 things happen, and you’ll up your conversion rates in no time. ]]>

Greg is the founder and CEO of Stryde and a seasoned digital marketer who has worked with thousands of businesses, large and small, to generate more revenue via online marketing strategy and execution. Greg has written hundreds of blog posts as well as spoken at many events about online marketing strategy. You can follow Greg on Twitter and connect with him on LinkedIn.