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Why Does Your eCommerce Business Need a Blog?

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Many eCommerce business owners feel discouraged from blogging regularly. A number of factors play into this: They’re not sure where to start, they’re not sure how to generate ideas, and blogging (rightfully) seems like a lot of work. While starting and maintaining a blog does take time and effort, there are countless reasons why it can be beneficial — and even…

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15 Tips To Tweet: Insights From Digital Marketing Thought Leaders

By | eCommerce, Social Media | One Comment

The world of digital marketing is wonderfully diverse and ever-changing. Business leaders have three basic approaches to this varied industry. One is to research, learn, and stay current on changing landscapes. The second would be to dive into digital marketing with a rough plan, get frustrated after the first failure and call it quits. And the final approach isn’t really an approach…

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5 Lesser-Known Content Discovery Tools

By | Content Marketing | 2 Comments

When you’re spending a good portion of your day searching for show-stopping content, staring at countless RSS feeds gets really old. Sometimes, for your sanity, it’s imperative to step away from Feedly and spend time on other content discovery tools (maybe I’m speaking too much from personal experience here). Regardless, we thought it would be useful to round up 5…

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Top 50 Content Marketing Experts

By | Content Marketing | 3 Comments

At Stryde, we strive to connect with all facets of our digital marketing community. Accordingly, we’ve compiled a list of who we consider to be the Top 50 Content Marketing experts. To compile this list, we used things like Twitter followers, frequency and quality of interactions in the social realm, breadth and depth of experience, as well as impact on…

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Stryde’s Top Ten Posts of 2013

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This past year has been a great first year for Stryde. We’ve provided numerous marketing posts throughout the year, and in case you missed any, here’s a list of our top 10 posts from 2013. 1. Ten Books Every Digital Marketer MUST Read This early summer post offers 10 books that every digital marketer should read to help them better…

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Know Your Audience & Create Content That Speaks To Them

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Today’s post is another goodie from our friend Laurel Teuscher. Enjoy! A business knows who their audience is. They’ve done the researched, had surveys sent out, and can confidently tell anyone about their key demographic. Whether they are the quintessential Wall Street guru, the hippie fruit loving stay-at-home parent, or the hipster—we picture and write to that person, knowing that…

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