In 2007, three sisters set out to provide women with swimwear focused on modesty and style, and further, to help women feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies. Thus, Lime Ricki Swimwear was born and has since grown from a few pieces in an online shop to two retail locations and an ever-expanding e-commerce presence.

Lime Ricki + Stryde

Lime Ricki found a lot of success early on from email marketing. They had built up a good sized email list and were driving online sales year over year. However, being a small business and resources being tight, they stuck to what they were good at and didn’t expand into other areas of digital marketing. 

Co-founder Nicole Bruderer and her two sisters assessed their digital marketing efforts and looked for outside knowledge and support to define and execute a robust digital strategy. A partnership was formed between Lime Ricki and Stryde.

We analyzed various data points to understand the gaps Lime Ricki was concerned about, then analyzed the 500K+ visitors coming to the site, channels driving traffic and conversion funnels for the 10,000+ orders and found the following challenges and opportunities with each digital marketing channel:



Organic search traffic wasn’t a high priority for LimeRicki when they initially looked to Stryde for help. They had keyword rankings for a handful of terms because their brand was closely related to specific searches. Outside of that, they had very little search visibility for keywords that should have been ranking well. To improve organic search performance, STRYDE implemented these solutions.


  • Analyzed keyword trends throughout the year to determine what users searched for as products changed
  • Used customer data to influence new colors and styles Lime Ricki should create in the future and built that into the website structure
  • Tied blog content to specific landing pages to build keyword relevance
  • Cleaned up technical issues and improved site speed
  • Redirected old product URLs to relevant pages



Lime Ricki delivered fun and creative emails to their customers that produced great results. However, getting potential customers to opt in to their list was a missed opportunity. STRYDE implemented the following to increase newsletter subscribers:


  • Ran A/B tests on popups to improve email subscriber conversion rate
  • Began segmenting their list to better understand online customers from in-store customers for improved email campaigns 
  • Pushed out emails to promote blog content



Lime Ricki Swimwear’s social platforms were getting little to no engagement and the audience that was built was through ads targeted to the wrong people. This created a disengaged audience because it was not Lime Ricki’s target market. Instead it was full of individuals who didn’t relate or weren’t interested in the Lime Ricki mission and products. We worked to drive relevant traffic to their social media profiles and increase engagement through:



  • Highly targeted Facebook ads to get individuals to like Lime Ricki’s Facebook page
  • Targeted ads and boosted posts for blog content on Lime Ricki’s website
  • Influencer outreach and promotions using bloggers and Instagrammers for product placement
  • Utilize rich pins on Lime Ricki’s site
  • Regularly pin products on Pinterest
  • Use promoted pins on top performing blog content



Majority of the PPC keywords Lime Ricki was bidding on were broad match. Their ads were typically in position 1-3 and campaigns that were targeting individuals outside of the US had a really high CPA. Google shopping campaigns were a small part of their paid search strategy and display ads we not performing well. We made numerous adjustments to their paid campaigns such as:


  • All broad match keywords were switched over to a broad match modifier. By adding an anchor (+) to certain keywords
  • Bids were lowered dropping ads below the 2nd position saving money without losing complete visibility in paid search
  • Google shopping campaigns were expanded to gain more reach and improve CPA  
  • Ad groups were better organized into themes and optimized to lower cost per conversion and improve quality score


Total Traffic Growth

  • 10% YOY

Total Revenue Growth

  • 48% YOY