iOS 9 is Going Local: 6 Tips To Getting Optimized for iOS Search

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“Location, location, location” is no longer a mantra for those in real-estate alone. Apple is turning marketers’ heads with its latest mobile operating system, iOS 9, to be released this fall; this time, having a stronger focus on local search. Just like with any major update (we might recall Google’s Mobilegeddon earlier this year) brands and businesses have a brief opportunity to implement changes in an effort to rise to search stardom, or they may sink between the cracks.  

For the first time, mobile app content will be integrated into search, providing an opportunity for users to connect with location-based content. Apple Maps, a local search platform for millions, will implement features to enhance location detail and provide local business search results, as well as detailed public transit information.

These changes could prove to be a great opportunity for local business to be brought to the forefront; having store locations and other important information displayed in Apple Maps though Siri, Spotlight, and Safari search.

Your site may already be marked, “mobile-friendly”, but there is a narrow window to get your site and apps optimized for iOS local search in time for the update. Here’s what to look for to be sure you’re up to speed:

1. Check your location data

Getting your business on Apple’s radar is just the beginning. Check to see that your location data is up to date and visible to its web and app crawler, Applebot. Keep your location data consistently visible and include a store locator feature for you app or website.

2. Provide rich results

Make your content richer by using images, reviews, actions, and adding metadata wherever possible. Keyword usage is an imperative practice as well but be careful not to “over-stuff” and to stay relevant to the content topic. Applebot will ideally recognize it and reward you for having ample, relevant information to scan.

3. Index your best

Improve your “engagement-to-shown” ratio by indexing your best content with a focus on local search. Always index positive user-generated content, as well as content that provides any information on location. Avoid duplicate content by using the same identifier for the same item across multiple APIs.

4. Use schema

Help iOS return more of your information results to users by making sure to markup your website with schema. Two actions are currently supported by iOS; calling a phone number, and getting directions to an address. There are plenty of resources available to help you implement schemas to build out your SERP real estate with more detail, as in this example:
schema-seo-rich-snippetsImage Source

5. Know that speed is a factor

Check the amount of time it takes from from tapping a search result to the content displaying in your app. Apple will be measuring it as well and using this information as a ranking factor.

6. Get user-generated content

Let your users speak for you. Incorporating ratings, reviews, and testimonials will help to give your content a more local focus. Allow users to engage in these actions via your app, website, and social media platforms, and your content will be more likely to show up in search results.

The new iOS 9 update provides the chance for local businesses to be seen in a new light. By taking the necessary actions to implement changes to your site or app, your local business or brand can stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage over the big players in search results.

What changes are you making to be ready for iOS 9 local search?

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STRYDE | Growth by Design - The Stryde & Fit Marketing Story

Growth by Design – The Stryde & Fit Marketing Story

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We announced this morning that Fit Marketing has merged with Stryde! All Fit clients are now Stryde clients and the Fit team has joined forces with the Stryde team. The combined team is larger and better able to tackle bigger client projects and do even better work than the Fit or Stryde team alone was able to handle.

We wanted to take the chance to let each of the key players in each organization tell their story of how this happened and why it made sense.

Dave’s Take

I have known the leadership team at Stryde for many years. We’ve been friendly competitors for the past few years, and before that we worked together in the trenches at Because of that history, I trust them and I respect their marketing expertise. They are some of the smartest digital marketers I know. I know they’ll take great care of the Fit clients and employees.

How did this deal come together? Fit had grown significantly from our humble start in Owen’s kitchen to being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the state the past few years. We were on an upward trajectory and felt like we might be able to scale up quicker by merging with other like-minded marketers, if we could find the right fit. We reached out to Greg Shuey at Stryde more than a year ago. At the time. we decided the timing wasn’t right, so we went about our business for another year and then a couple of months ago, we restarted the dialog with Stryde around a potential merger.

Around the same time we restarted the discussion with Stryde, I was approached by some good friends who had started a company called PageLaunch. They were looking for someone to come in to lead the fast-growing company. Somehow the stars aligned and it worked out that I got the offer to step into the role of CEO at PageLaunch, and we were able to work out a deal to merge Fit in with Stryde.

I will continue to advise and assist the Stryde team to make the transition as smooth as possible for the team and clients. As sad as I am to have to step away, I know that I’m leaving the company in good hands. I am confident that the new, combined company will accomplish even greater things than either company did on its own in the past — and both companies have achieved incredible results for their clients — so my expectations are sky high.

Owen put a lot of trust in me when he took me on as a partner almost three years ago. Like any business, Fit’s had its share of ups and downs through the years, but it was a fun ride and I was glad to have Owen with me each step of the way. He is a great partner and friend to have by my side. Now as we get ready to move into a new chapter of the life of Fit Marketing, we are entrusting a new generation of marketers to carry the torch. We feel good about where things are going, and we know that current and future clients will benefit from the combined expertise of the new and improved Stryde team.

The future looks bright for digital, inbound, and content marketing in Utah with Stryde leading the way.

Owen’s Take

Dave’s painted the picture well of how things have come together. Like Dave, I’m excited for the future and to see what the combined teams of Fit and Stryde can do.

As many people know, last year I stepped down as president of Fit and moved into a board member role. Professionally, I knew it was time to learn new lessons and tackle new challenges, and I found the right opportunity to do that at Qzzr. And what an exciting ride that’s been.

Now that Fit has been acquired though, while Dave is looking forward, I can’t help but reminisce a bit about what we were able to build together with all the amazing people that have worked at Fit since 2009. These are some of the highlights that come to mind:

  • More than 40 people have worked at Fit since we started in 2009, and I learned something from each of them. I feel so much gratitude for their contributions and skills. They were and are, in a word, awesome.
  • We’ve sure had interesting people walk through our doors. I’m thinking of Garrett Gee, who designed the Fit logo before he got busy building and selling a company for 54 million dollars. Or there was that time that our first sales guy, Brooks Forester, starred on The Bachelorette. Lots of good times with great people — and that’s what I remember most.
  • As Fit grew, we had a few mergers and acquisitions that brought new energy and ideas to our team. I’m appreciative to Chris Kilburn and his team at TOFU Marketing for helping Fit to up its game when we acquired them in 2013. And of course, no merger had a bigger impact on me than when Big Start and Fit Marketing merged in 2012, and I got to have Dave as a partner through that process. He’s one of the finest people I’ve ever met, and one my all-time favorites to work with. I can’t wait to see what he builds at PageLaunch and hope we’ll have a chance to work together again.
  • As we grew, our offices sure changed. We started in my little apartment in Provo in 2009, and then felt like we hit the big time a year later when Fit had one other employee and we were working out of a condo in Orem. From there, we opened offices in downtown Salt Lake City, Provo and American Fork before consolidating all of them into our favorite space of all in downtown Lehi. At each step, gratefully, the spaces got a bit nicer. That being said, I’ll always remember those early days with really cheap furniture fondly.
  • I’m proud that Inbound Marketing SLC became what it did and that Stryde will continue to host that event going forward. I never would’ve guessed, when it started, that we’d be able to get hundreds of Utah’s top marketers together every couple of months to share what we’re learning. Thank you to everyone who has made that event worthwhile.
  • It’s gratifying to think that the little company I started as a clueless 25 year old grew to make a small dent in the marketing community in Utah. It blows me away when I look back and realize that since then people have paid Fit Marketing millions of dollars to help with their marketing. Even more importantly, Fit helped people turn those millions of dollars invested in marketing into many more.
  • There’s no way that Fit would have achieved what it did without all the awesome people that have contributed to it. And again, none more awesome than my partner and friend, Dave.

At its best, Fit has been a labor of love — love for our clients, the work that we’re doing, and for each other. I’m grateful and excited to see the Fit team combine with the bright people at Stryde to nourish that spirit more and write the next chapter in this story. I get the feeling that with these two teams working together, the best is yet to come.

Greg’s Take

Well, I get to go last, so most of the story has already been told…

When compared to Fit Marketing, Stryde is still a toddler. We’re only two years old. When we started Stryde, we had several growth strategies in mind, one of which was through mergers and acquisitions. I don’t think we could have been any luckier that our first was with some of my great friends and mentors. It means a whole lot to me that Dave trusts us enough to take the torch and hopefully pour some gasoline on it 🙂

During the last couple of years, Stryde has also made some pivots in our approach to marketing and our service offering. We initially started out as a full service digital marketing agency. About a year ago, we decided to narrow our focus to content marketing and cut out all the other distractions that were taking our time and attention away from what we do best. Yes, we still do SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, etc., but we do it differently than we did before. Everything we do and every decision we make revolves around our content strategy for each client. I’m happy to report that it is working extremely well!

By merging the Fit team into the Stryde team, we also opened up some new capabilities that we didn’t have before, including video creation. We are now producing some of the best live and animated video that I’ve seen in a long time. Take that and package it with our content and distribution and promotion strategies and you’ve got something pretty awesome!

I too am excited to see where our company goes during the next 12-24 months. We’re a lot stronger than we were 30 days ago, and I expect the strength of our organization to continue to grow as the team gets more familiar with one another and we start firing on all cylinders.

Here’s to 2015 and massive growth for our clients and Stryde.

STRYDE | Content Marketing Agency Stryde Acquires Fit Marketing

Content Marketing Agency Stryde Acquires Fit Marketing

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Stryde, an innovative content marketing company in Salt Lake City, announced today that it has acquired Lehi, Utah-based Fit Marketing. The acquisition combines two driven teams into one topnotch content marketing firm.

Founded in 2009 by Owen Fuller, Fit Marketing steadily grew to emerge as a leading inbound marketing agency. In 2012, Dave Bascom joined Fit and helped them evolve from a full-service, CMO-for-hire business model, to a more narrow focus of inbound digital marketing: content, search, social media and video.

Fit launched a series of local marketing education events dubbed Inbound Marketing SLC (IMSLC). At these events, hundreds of business owners and marketers gather to learn from digital marketing experts across diverse disciplines. As part of this merger, Stryde will continue to run the IMSLC events.

Fit was recognized in 2013 and 2014 as one of the fastest growing young companies in Utah by the UVEF 25 Under 5 awards. Fit also joined Stryde as one of Epic Ventures’ Hot 100 young companies in Utah in 2014.

Fit’s CEO Dave Bascom and founder Owen Fuller will continue working with Stryde as strategic advisors. “I’m thrilled about this merger,” Bascom said. “It’s a perfect match in many ways. Greg Shuey and the team at Stryde are some of the smartest digital marketers I know. Our companies’ cultures and approaches to business are extremely similar. Our teams’ strengths complement each other. We’re now positioned to better meet the needs of our current and future clients. I know the combined team will accomplish amazing things.”

“We’re always looking for ways to elevate our organization and level of service for clients,” said Stryde COO Greg Shuey. “It made perfect sense to team up with Fit, their team and their clients, and we are excited about what the future holds for Stryde.”

Stryde welcomes a core of Fit Marketing’s employees, enhancing Stryde’s capability of providing its customers with the highest level of dedicated service. By combining the various skill sets from everyone involved, Stryde is now able to provide a new level of service, including video creation and promotion, along with its current prolific content repertoire.

About Stryde

Stryde specializes in quality content creation, distribution and promotion. Their offering helps companies create brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate qualified leads, shorten sales cycles and engage and retain customers.

Stryde’s client portfolio includes Sports Illustrated, Henry Schein,, LANDESK, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and many others.

Original release posted here.

Inbound Marketing SLC Takes the City by Storm

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Imagine that you find yourself in need of an emergency appendectomy. You can choose between a board-certified surgeon and a podiatrist.

Who would you choose to cut you open?

It makes sense to trust someone with real-world experience, whether you need emergency surgery or just want some help marketing your business. And that’s the approach Fit Marketing took in organizing yesterday’s free Inbound Marketing SLC event.

IMSLC logo

We found some of the best and brightest inbound marketing minds – people who have really made it work for them – and brought them together for a feast of knowledge.

We had a great turnout of about 200 people, from marketers to small business owners to people who just wanted some delicious free snacks.

Here are some of the highlights of the presentations.
Speaking to us first was Garrett Gee, one of the brightest young entrepreneurs around – receiving millions of dollars in investment capital and even appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank. Garrett talked about the process of taking an idea and making it so irresistible that it markets itself.

He mentioned the importance of building your brand to make sure you stand out in people’s minds, suggesting that we ask ourselves two questions in every marketing activity:

Does it create true value?
Is it newsworthy?

Garrett wanted to take something in the real world, like an item you see at the store, and easily turn it into something you can interact with in the digital world – like one-touch posting to Pinterest. His customer-centric approach has garnered more than 58 million downloads of their Scan app.

According to Garrett, if we focus on doing what will help people the most, and find creative ways to draw attention to our businesses, our marketing will be much more effective.

Ricky Ray Butler is one of the best in the world at making video pay off for companies. His unique approach of using YouTube celebrities has delivered millions of views – and visible sales boosts – for businesses ranging from local startups to gaming giants.

Ricky’s first piece of advice was this: Don’t set out to make a “viral” video (and he mentioned that the term “viral” is actually outdated). It’s much better to instead produce consistent, high-quality videos using channels that have a large audience.

He also gave us three tips to follow when working with YouTube celebrities:

1. Give them simple, clear directions on what you want (most of them are not marketing or business professionals).
2. Allow them to have creative control (there’s a reason they have a million followers).
3. Have one purpose for the video (just send them to your website, for example, rather than giving them too many options).

We then heard from Fit’s own Brooks Forester. Brooks shared with us some marketing lessons that we learned from his appearance on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

When Brooks went on the show, it was a great laboratory for Fit to do some marketing experimentation. What we came up with was a 70/20/10 formula for success.

That means that we spent 70% of our efforts on standard, traditional marketing techniques. We did some interaction on Facebook and Twitter, and built fan pages for Brooks. And it paid off, starting to drive a lot more traffic to the website.

Next, we spent 20% of our efforts on bolder tactics. This is where Fit started to do some more creative social media interactions, tweeting out funny “facts” about Brooks. In this case, it continued to drive more traffic to our site, but we wanted higher quality leads and conversions.

That meant it was time to try something radical.

We came up with the Fit Copes videos, showing how deeply different members of the team felt Brooks’ absence from the office. These comic videos were posted every Tuesday, and that consistency generated a lot of engagement. People interacted with Fit, outside blogs picked up on these activities, and in the end the radical tactic got the most interest – not just from the public, but also from potential customers.

youtube views/analytics page

The takeaway from Brooks’ presentation was that you never know where your opportunities are coming from, but if you’re creative you can take advantage of almost any situation.

Rounding out our experts was Chris Kilbourn, VP of strategy for Fit. Chris gave us a great Back to the Future-style presentation on dominating Google in 2014, talking about how the days of shady SEO practices like manipulating links are over.

Instead of trying to game the system, Chris gave us four key areas to work on to make inbound marketing work.

The first step is to create world-class content. Answering your customers’ questions is at the core of effective marketing. If you help them, they will come. Sites like Quora and Reddit can help illuminate what people really need. By giving them in-depth, comprehensive articles with high-quality graphics and expert interviews, you’ll soon be seen as an expert.

Second, Chris told us to build relationships with the 800-lb. gorillas in the industry. There are a huge number of websites out there that need content. When you provide it to them, you’re building up your own reputation as a leader. Tools like Buzzstream can help you identify the best places to get yourself seen.

Third, it’s time to repair past mistakes. We should clean up bad links to our site that can harm our ranking. Google Webmaster Tools can let you know if you’ve been hit with any penalties, and Link Detox helps get rid of bad links haunting your site.

Finally, Chris addressed how to move forward with technology changes. He called out mobile optimization as especially important, with so many shoppers using their phones and wanting to be able to make instant purchases. Social signals also help improve Google’s perception of websites, so your shares and social media profiles also play an important part in dominating Google in 2014.

Dominate Google in 2014 and Beyond (Back to the Future Style) from FitMarketing

If you missed the event, don’t feel too bad. Inbound Marketing SLC was such a great success that we’re going to do it again! Our next event will be on February 27. Look for more details soon!

If you’d like more information on how to make inbound marketing work for you, feel free to give us a call.

Inbound Marketing SLC: Jump-Start Your Business in 2014

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dead battery jumper cables

As we get ready to wrap up 2013, it’s a great time to set some goals for the new year. But beyond the usual personal resolutions (get in shape, write the great American novel, etc.), the new year is a great time for you to take your business to the next level.

One of the best ways to jump-start your business is to use inbound marketing tactics. At Fit we’re all about inbound, helping bring customers to you through tools that work together – including content creation, improving the website experience, social media and influencer outreach. So to help you make the most of the new year, Fit is proud to present Inbound Marketing SLC.

So what is this thing?

On December 5, Fit Marketing is hosting Inbound Marketing SLC, a presentation on real, actionable ways you can make immediate improvements to your marketing efforts. Our speakers are business and marketing experts who have built their own successful companies from the ground up. They’ve learned what works – and what doesn’t – and they’re coming to share that experience with you.

Who should come?

The presentation is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning about the latest marketing tools and trends. Marketers can come learn about the most effective strategies based on their industry and customers, and how different marketing tactics work with each other. Small business owners can discover where to put their limited marketing resources to have the greatest impact. And entrepreneurs can come see what will be the best way to help them get their marketing off the ground.

Why do I want to go?

If you’ve been pouring you heart and soul into creating the best products and services, but you don’t know how to effectively spread the word, this is the event for you. Come learn how focusing on your customers and solving their problems can deliver measurable results. Our speakers will focus on these topics:

  • Growth hacking – using innovative, highly efficient techniques to drive exposure

  • Using online video services like YouTube to drive visitors to your site

  • Creating a master marketing plan with different efforts supporting each other

  • Improving your search marketing to boost search engine ranking

How do I sign up?

Just head on over to our registration page to see all the details and get your free ticket to better marketing in 2014.

Event Details

Inbound Marketing SLC
Thursday, December 5, 2013
9 a.m.–11 a.m.

Miller Free Enterprise Center Auditorium
9750 S 300 W
Sandy, UT 84070

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Kicking the Awesomeness up a Notch: Fit Acquires TOFU Marketing

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Have you ever noticed how two great things work even better together?

  • Peanut butter and chocolate

  • Oreos and milk

  • Fries and Coke

  • Starsky and Hutch

  • Brad and Angelina

Well, we are proud to announce another winning combination…

On November 1st, Fit Marketing acquired the Salt Lake City-based TOFU Marketing.

Awesome cake

TOFU Marketing and Chris Kilbourn
As part of this acquisition, the founder and CEO of TOFU, Chris Kilbourn, will join Fit as our VP of strategy. We are thrilled to welcome the rest of the TOFU team into the Fit fold.

Fonzy, Sara and Matt: welcome to the team!

Chris Kilbourn has shown that he has the chops as a savvy online marketer and growth hacker. He got into marketing as he figured out how to market his own businesses, which included a record label, a band management agency and TaskBullet, an outsourced virtual assistant business.

One little-known secret about Chris is that before he got into business, he played guitar for a heavy metal band, Chelsea Grin.

He decided to leave the band, finish college and pursue his business ventures. This history just adds to Chris’ coolness, making him a true marketing rock star.

A Perfect Fit
Chris’ experience is ideal for Fit, as we were founded with one goal in mind: helping our customers improve their marketing to drive more sales. We have found that inbound marketing – attracting the right kind of attention online and converting that attention into leads or sales – is the best way to drive measurable, repeatable growth. Since we started in 2009, our dedication to our work has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah.

TOFU was founded with a similar approach. Their focus has also been on driving measurable, business-focused results for their customers. TOFU has found their niche as experts at influencer outreach and conversion rate optimization. TOFU customers have been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, TOFU excels at optimizing websites to maximize the conversion of visitors into leads or sales.

We realized that our skills combined with TOFU’s expertise would create an incredible combination, like a peanut butter cup, each contributing unique talents to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. With this acquisition, the Fit team now includes 23 people. And each one of us, from finance to sales, is focused on helping our customers succeed.

Large Steps Towards a Lofty Goal
The acquisition of TOFU marks Fit Marketing’s second time buying another company. Our first acquisition was a marketing firm focused on startups, Big Start, which we rolled into Fit in August of 2012. As part of that acquisition, Big Start’s founder, Dave Bascom, joined the Fit team as CEO. Dave brought experience as the founder of high-growth, which has played a big part in our company’s inbound marketing specialization. This latest acquisition is another huge step towards our goal to be the best inbound marketing company in the world.

Looking Forward
We are grateful to all of the Fit and TOFU customers who have put their confidence in our team. We look forward to doing even bigger and better things as we move forward. We will never quit learning and improving to be the best that we can at delivering awesomeness for every one of our customers.

With love,

Fit Marketing Recognized for Rapid Growth

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STRYDE | UVEF 25 Under 5: Moving Into the Top 10

We were honored to be recognized as one of the fastest growing young companies at an award ceremony in Provo on Thursday. Every year, the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) honors the top 25 fastest growing companies under 5 years old. Over the years, UVEF’s Top 25 Under Five Awards have recognized the development of more than 200 individuals and companies, including Utah success stories like ZAGG, Agel Enterprises, Interbank FX, Seastone, Altiris, Omniture and Xango.

Fit Marketing, which started in 2009, ended up #19 on the list. It’s an honor to be included with these great, up-and-coming businesses. It’s a tribute to our great team of marketing professionals and the awesome customers that we work with.

The list was announced, in reverse order, at an awards luncheon on Thursday. When the dust settled, this was the full list of the 2013 UVEF Top 25 Under Five:

  1. Boostability
  2. Edge Homes
  3. MoneyDesktop
  4. Jamberry Nails
  5. PcCareSupport
  6. Peak Capital Partners
  7. Orabrush, Inc.
  8. KT Tape
  9. Decisions
  10. Persnickety Clothing Company
  11. BambooHR
  12. Weave
  13. BizVision, LLC
  14. Launch Leads
  15. Lancera
  16. US MRI
  17. Firefly Innovations LLC (Stove in a Can)
  18. Outbox Systems
  19. Fit Marketing
  20. Professional Cable
  21. Ascent Advisor
  22. Crux
  23. Sprint Marketing
  24. LLC
  25. Red Wagon Toys

Dave Bascom to Speak at Next Utah AMA Event

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Our very own CEO, Dave Bascom, has been selected to on a panel of speakers at Internet Marketing 2.0, the next event held by the the Utah Chapter of the American Marketing Association (Utah AMA). We know and love Dave as our CEO, but before he joined our Fit Marketing Family he held leadership positions at several companies, including Founder and CEO of, and General Manager of Local Search at Deseret Digital Media.

We’re excited for Dave and look forward to hearing from everyone on the panel. The event will be focused on SEO and web marketing, with discussion based around analytics and testing, new approaches to SEO, conversion rate optimization, strengths and weaknesses of internet marketing, and additional resources for learning. Other speakers include Kyle Power, Director of Interactive Marketing at CHG, Darin “Doc” Bernston, Senior Community Manager at and Becki Andrus, who owns her own consulting business.

The Utah AMA is an organization that often holds events to help local marketers learn, network, and advance their personal careers. The event will take place on January 16th, 2013 at 3:00 – 5:00 PM. has opened up the doors of its new office for the event at 11781 South Lone Peak Parkway, Ste 100 in Draper, UT. It is free for members of the Utah AMA, and $35 for non-members.

Check out this link to learn more and register for the event:

Fit Marketing Moves to New Office in Lehi to Accommodate Rapid Growth

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LEHI, UTAH, December 11, 2012 — To accommodate its rapid growth, Fit Marketing has moved its headquarters from Provo, Utah to the historic downtown district of Lehi, Utah.

Fit Marketing is a marketing services provider that serves as an extension of their customers’ marketing team or in some cases, acts as a company’s entire marketing department. They help establish marketing goals then create a comprehensive marketing strategy for each customer to reach those objectives. Fit’s services include advertising campaigns, public relations, web development, online marketing, market research, video production and print design.

Owen Fuller, president and founder of Fit Marketing, said he believes this is just the beginning of a very bright future for Fit. “Our team has grown over 300% this year and shows no signs of slowing down. I’m excited to be in this new office where we have more room to grow. We have big plans for this company and our new office is the next step in making those dreams a reality.”

Although Fit Marketing provides services worldwide, a majority of their current customers are based along the Wasatch Front. Their account managers spend a significant amount of time in the offices of their local customers from Provo to Layton, which is facilitated by the central location of their new Lehi office.

The office Fit Marketing moved into is known as the Merrihew/Dalley Building. It is located on the corner of Main Street and 100 West in Lehi. The building was built in 1900 and was originally the Lehi Drug Store. Over the years, it has been home to a variety of businesses including a bank, post office, beauty parlor, gift shop and clock emporium.

Contact Us to learn more