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5 Ways to Attract Attendees to Your Webinar

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Everybody wants to look smart. On top of that, every company wants to look smart. Hosting a webinar is a way to significantly improve your street cred while increasing the buzz about your company.  Unfortunately, many companies go to extreme efforts to organize an informative, entertaining webinar only to have a handful of attendees turn out. Avoid the embarrassment of low attendance and capitalize on your efforts by using these tools to organize a successful webinar:

1)   Blog

The first place to start publicizing your webinar is on your blog and other pages of your website. Don’t just include the who and the when, but explain the benefits of attending and include a link to the sign-up page. Don’t rely on your webinar service to automatically generate pages because they often limit necessary details.

2)   Email

Sending email notifications about your webinar is crucial to getting the turnout your desire. Notice we used the plural—“notifications.” It’s not enough to send one message and plan on everyone participating. Also, include stories and testimonials about how participants will benefit from your webinar.

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3)   Visual aids

As with any type of marketing, you will generate more interest if you include visuals to advertise your event.  If your invitation only includes text you can give the impression of a boring webinar before it even begins. Consider using images on your social media pages or infographics to help your readers get a quick glimpse of the content that will be covered at the webinar.

4)   Turn your guest into a promoter

Depending on the situation, it can be a great idea to politely ask your presenter or panelist to publicize the event to their friends and colleagues. This can be especially effective because your presenter likely has connections to other experts who can vouch for the quality of your webinar. However, proceed with caution: don’t make it mandatory for your guest speakers to promote the event. Otherwise, you could lose guest speakers.





5)   Take advantage of product launches

Obviously, there are few situations that a company can capitalize on more than a product launch. One of the best ways to do so is through a webinar. You can even use your webinar as a bait to get additional info about an upcoming launch. If someone signs up for your webinar, there’s a high chance that they will be interested in receiving promotions about products related to the webinar’s topic.