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Setting Goals for Digital Marketing in Universities

Digital Marketing for Universities: Goal Setting & Strategy

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In this installment of our Digital Marketing for Universities series, we’re going to tackle goal setting. Setting goals seems like a simple enough task, right? For some it is, but for most of us, being able to set challenging yet attainable organizational goals over and over again doesn’t come naturally; it’s an acquired skill. It takes practice, persistence, focus, creativity…

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STRYDE | Adaptive Content-  The Latest Adaptation of Content Marketing?

Adaptive Content- The Latest Adaptation of Content Marketing?

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While the technology support can be a little slow to evolve, content marketing strategies and techniques are taking new shapes to identify the ideal target audience and to guide customers through a shortened sales cycle. Adaptive content offers an edge to the creation and distribution parts of the process. This content strategy is designed to support meaningful, personalized interactions across all channels. Moreover,…

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Social Media and Being Genuine

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If you scrape the surface of Twitter, you’ll find countless articles with the with headlines proclaiming “7 Social Tips You Need!” and “If You’re Not Doing *This* You’re Failing At Social!” Overwhelming right? Even worse, after reading these articles rarely does anyone come away away with any sense of relief, or, “Wow, that was so helpful and enlightening!” Content, consistency,…

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