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Ready to Hire an Experienced Shopify Agency?

You’ve weighed the pros and cons of hiring versus outsourcing your digital marketing needs and feel like an agency is the way to go. But now what? Vetting agencies feels just as daunting as hiring a team. Before you outsource your digital marketing to an experienced Shopify marketing agency like us, make sure you are ready to take it on! Do you have clarity on your needs, budget and objectives for your ecommerce business?

Assess Your Goals and Know Where You Want To Go

Make sure you have a growth plan is in place before you hire an agency. Do not let an agency control certain metrics and KPIs. If you do not have a plan, we suggest you do a self assessment to understand the role a Shopify agency will play in helping you grow your business. You should have answers to these questions before you start talking to a marketing agency.


  • What is your current Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)? 
  • What does your ROI need to be to make it worth hiring an agency? 
  • In what areas does your team excel, and in what areas do they need help?
  • Do you have a clear value proposition in your industry that is different from your competitors? 
  • Do you have a clear growth goal for your business you are working to hit? 
  • Do you know which channels are working and which ones need help to grow the business? 
  • What are the key indicators you’ll be looking at to help you know if the agency is being successful? E.g., decreased CPC, increased conversions rates, etc.   

Why is it critical to know your goals?

Too many times when we have an initial call with a prospect and we ask these questions only to get answers such as: Can you tell me what our growth goal should be? What should our CPA be? Can you analyze our business and tell us which channels we need help with? What should our marketing budget be in order for us to hit our goals? etc. 

If you are getting ready to answer these kinds of questions, we suggest you take a look at our Guide to Building Marketing Goals. This will enable you to  collect the data you need and understand where you are in developing your marketing goals and plans so you can have a much more meaningful conversation with a potential agency. That way your objectives are communicated and your expectations are clearly outlined and understood even before you start working with a Shopify marketing partner.

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Why Choose Stryde as Your Shopify Partner?

When choosing to work with us, you will be choosing an agency that understands both the digital marketing and eCommerce world. Having worked with numerous clients who use Shopify, we understand what works best with the platform.  We have specialists in each area that can help turn your online store into real revenue. As a Shopify partner, we understand the marketing funnel and the behaviors consumer have while shopping.


Handmade Leather Goods company Rustico came to Stryde, in search of a Shopify partner that knew how to fix their site migration mistakes and increase their organic traffic. After digging into their analytics we were able to help them with their site migration, organic search, email marketing and paid social media.