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Meet Our Marketing Consultant

Jed Christeson


Mark Wade

Zion Ponderosa


“They stay on top of projects, and keep in touch with us consistently to discuss and report on their efforts. I’m pleased with the working relationship that we have with Stryde.”

Dan Stepchew

Chief eCommerce Officer – Medelita

Dan Stepchew

“The folks here seem to have a deep understanding of today’s SEO landscape and it shows in the results we have seen since working with them. We’ve been on track with our goals from the first day.”

Jeff Piper

Marketing Partner –

Poppy and Dot


“Couldn’t be happier about how that initial engagement worked out! Stryde delivered an informative report that’s allowed us to shape our SEO and social marketing approach.”

Brian Bollard

Marketing Director – Dowdle Folk Art Company

Brian Bollard

“They were very responsive and knew what they were doing.The team successfully created profitable Google and Facebook campaigns. The specialists have maintained an effective workflow throughout the partnership.”

Alexis Zimmerman

Owner – Nesting Olive

Alexis Zimmerman

“The results were amazing! The staff was so great and easy to work with. 5 stars, I would recommend them to anybody!”

Clay Shewey

Owner – Sandstone Avenue

Clay Shewey

“I’ve been incredibly impressed with the team to this point. The level of consistent communication and professionalism has been night and day different from our last agency experience. I can’t say enough about how the attention to detail helps us feel valued. “