Paid social media advertising for ecommerce brands gets more challenging each year as millions of businesses work to compete for market share and drive up the cost to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms. 

Paid Facebook advertising with a purpose is at the core of what we do. We believe you should only pay for Paid Social efforts that encourages an audience to convert. That is why we built a Paid Social strategy that speaks to qualified audiences and nurtures them through the different stages of the funnel allowing us to cultivate an audience that is geared for action. 

Our funnel breaks down into these four stages: Join, Cultivate, Convert and Retarget.


To do this effectively, your ads need to be contextually and visually appealing. Your ad copy and image need to entice consumers and adequately display the key features or benefits of your products; that way consumers can gather as much information about your products from the ads.


Urge customers to make small commitments – Entice users with lead magnets. Lead magnets are offers you can provide to customers in exchange for an email address. Examples can include discounts, rewards/loyalty programs, subscriptions, or any additional value offering.

Increase knowledge of products – Lure clients who know who you are to learn more about the unique products and solutions you can provide. 

To do this effectively, you need to understand what actions individuals are taking on the site once they click on your ad. Then leverage the various interactions to show additional ads to these individuals. For example, did someone watch your product description video for 10, 15 or the full 30 seconds? Based on the information they gather from visiting your site, you can show additional ads that fill the knowledge gaps and cultivate them further to continue to engage with your brand.


Solution oriented ads – Help connect the dots for your customers by showing them that your product is the right solution for their problem through distinct ad messaging. 

Make the decision a no-brainer – You have the leads attention. They know who you are and what you sell. Now it’s time to ask them to purchase.

Get your consumers to click and purchase by leveraging social proof ads via reviews, testimonials and other ads that help consumers feel good about the products they are interested in purchasing. 


Encourage your audience to become brand enthusiasts – Target visitors who have come to your website with specific ads including dynamic product ads, upsells and promotions.