Run Your
Ecommerce Business
Like an 8-Figure Band

Uncover and fix business deficiencies that make your marketing and customer acquisition more efficient and effective.

Opportunity Analysis & Strategic Planning Framework

Brand Audit

Understand exactly how customers perceive your brand and how to make adjustments to improve. Understand what your customer experience looks like from first touch to last touch, identify gaps, and find ways to improve in order to grow customer lifetime value. We perform internal and external brand research and auditing customer service programs to guide our recommendations and strategy.


Understand exactly who your ideal customer is and how they use the internet to make purchase decisions. Uncover customer problems, likes, dislikes, etc. to help you better position your brand to generate visibility, grow traffic, and increase purchases. Outline buyer journey map that willbe used to create high impact marketing campaigns that span each touchpoint. We perform through customer phone interviews and analyze email demographic surveys, website post-purchase surveys, product reviews, and more to guide our recommendations and strategy.

Product Analysis

Identify the top 2-3 products to focus on promoting through marketing campaigns in order to profitably scale your brand. Uncover supply chain deficiencies to close gaps and capture lost revenue. We identify the products with the best margins, deepest supply chain, and highest customer satisfaction to guide our recommendations and strategy.

Messaging Strategy

Create messaging statements that align with your ideal customer to be used on the website and in ad copy. Develop offers that might be compelling to your customer to increase average order value and customer lifetime value. We perform thorough customer phone interviews and analyze product reviews, etc. to guide our recommendations and strategy.

Competitive Analysis

Uncover strengths and weaknesses that you can leverage today to improve your marketing effectiveness. Solidify how you are different and how you should use those differentiators to position your brand. We perform competitive research, engage with competitors’ customer support teams, and mine reviews for likes and dislikes to guide our recommendations and strategy.

Funnel Analysis

Understand what your marketing funnel looks like, what parts are weak, and what actions need to betaken to strengthen them. Understand how your marketing efforts should work together to produce the greatest return on your investment. We perform a marketing funnel analysis in Google Analytics and third party tools to guide our recommendations and strategy.

Financial Analysis

Map and create benchmarks for key marketing KPIs that will move your business forward. Determine what your ideal customer acquisition cost (CAC)must be in order to drive growth and profitability.We perform a “marketing” financial analysis to guide our recommendations and strategy.


Your Plan To Scale

30 Day Plan

Quick Wins To Help You Recoup Your Initial Investment With Stryde


  • Tweaks to customer service programs
  • Updates to website (imagery, copy, etc.)
  • Updates to automations
  • High leverage marketing tactics to leverage/double down on
  • Etc.

90 Day Plan

Short-Term Initiatives To Install Our Framework & Set The Groundwork.


  • Deeper customer research
  • Explore other service offerings not provided by Stryde
  • Launch paid media campaigns
  • Create and execute content marketing roadmaps
  • Execute large scale link building campaigns
  • Etc.

180 Day Plan

Heavy Lift Items That Require Planning & Longer-Term Execution.


  • Technology migrations
  • Deep dive into supply chain/logistics to improve forecasting
  • Strategy review and refinement
  • Etc.

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