Accelerated ecommerce revenue growth.


Scalable Marketing That Grows With Your Business

How do you expand your eCommerce business or startup when you don’t have endless cash to throw at marketing? The answer is simpler than you think: Start small, but stay focused.

We use a proven strategy to start driving sales your very first week and quickly scale your business — even with a small budget.

As your company grows, so should your marketing strategies. We build in high-level, long-game marketing efforts as your sales climb, so you keep growing exponentially.

Our 3-Phase Approach Lets You Start With a Budget That Works


Phase 1 (1-2 Months)

During your first week with Stryde, we implement everything you need to begin immediately generating revenue. Our goal is to see a 2-4x return on your budget.

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Account Setup

We set up your website to begin generating analytics and baseline reports. We can measure your success and you can see exactly where your money is going.

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Paid Ads

We start by leveraging paid ads to generate immediate revenue, typically in your first week with us. We monitor and adjust your ad campaigns to get you the maximum return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Email Audit

Next, we perform an email audit to make sure you’re growing your email database and driving repeat purchases.

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Phase 2 (3-5 Months)

Now that your business is generating revenue through paid ads, it’s time to grow your organic reach. We invest the revenue you’ve earned in phase 1 to fuel organic traffic through SEO.

Website Performance

We run a technical audit of your website and deliver a detailed report of necessary fixes, from site speed to error cleanup. This helps your site rank better on search engines and improves customer experience.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use keyword optimization and backlink development to improve your domain authority and search engine rankings. e begin improving your organic search rankings to bring you more traffic — and more sales.

We improve your domain authority and SEO rankings by linking back to your site through influencers and bloggers. As your backlinks grow, so does your organic traffic.

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Content Marketing

We create content for your website (product descriptions, on-page copy, etc;) to draw in new customers. New content helps fuel your organic traffic and revenue growth.

Phase 3 (6+ Months)

Your business is scaling rapidly now — congrats! After 6 months of exponential growth, we’ll elevate your marketing strategy to generate brand awareness and expand your online presence using the revenue you’ve generated in phase 1 and 2.

Our proven inbound marketing methods bring in new customers, building on your existing strategy for sustainable and long-term growth.

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SEO and Website Optimization

We perform ongoing keyword review and optimizations to make sure your site is running at peak performance and attracting more and more visitors.

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Content Marketing

We implement a fully-customized, robust content marketing strategy to reach new customers through inbound marketing.

Influencer Marketing

We grow your brand awareness and authority through influencer outreach, high-profile bloggers, and media outlets.

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Email Marketing

We leverage real-world data to make sure your emails are generating revenue, monitoring your click-through rates, subscribes, and sales. We build out a funnel for specific email campaigns to move customers from interest to purchase.

Case Study Lime Ricki

Swimsuit company Lime Ricki came to Stryde in search of a robust eCommerce marketing strategy. Through each scaleable phase, we used social media, paid search, SEO, content marketing, and email marketing to increase their revenue and decrease their cost-per-acquisition.


Social Revenue Growth
Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition
Organic Search Growth
Email Revenue Growth

Focused Strategy, Explosive Growth

Stop waisting money on marketing that isn’t right for you. We’lll create a customized strategy for driving new customer acquisition for your ecommerce business.