What We Learned From IMSLC

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We had a crazy-fun time last week, bringing you the first ever IMSLC event, hosted by Stryde! Things started off a little shaky with some technical issues, but our speakers’ on-the-fly skills pulled through to hopefully give you some new insights into this content marketing game.

Many thanks to everyone who kept it lively and held a good sense of humor throughout!


In case you missed it…

Or if would just like to revisit the presentations, here is a recap of the event. We want to keep you in the loop on where we are and where we’re going with IMSLC.

Bryan Brandenburg, CMO and Co-founder of Salt Lake Comic Con shared his successes with video marketing and how investments in Facebook marketing have dominated referral traffic for SL Comic Con.

Tyler Whittingham and Michael Query, the brains behind Admind, illustrated the importance of PPC and covered everything from targeting and bid strategy, to optimization and reporting.

Emily Burkhart, our very own Marketing Manager at Stryde, drove home the value of proving content marketing ROI. With a content marketing budget increase across the board, and 79% of B2B firms not tracking ROI or feeling mediocre about their tracking abilities, it could be a perfect time to reassess where your efforts are leading you.


The Future of IMSLC

We get a lot of work done in front of a computer screen but that can never surmount the value of face-to-face communication. Offline events allow the marketing community to connect in a more personal learning environment. This was only our first rodeo, and we’re not hopping off yet! Here are some ideas we’ve brainstormed for coming events:

  • Smaller groups or conferences
  • Structured group networking session
  • Single centralized theme
  • Targeted based on audience experience level
  • Single keynote speaker
  • Panel discussion
  • Changeable location

As always, the direction of our next chapter depends on you! Please share with us your feedback from the last IMSLC in this short survey so that we can bring you an even better event!


The future of IMSLC may take a new name, structure and venue, but the goal will always remain the same; to bring valuable, actionable insights to our marketing community. We’d like to thank our sponsors once again. And thanks to you for your continued support! What would you like to see at the next free inbound marketing event?

14 Legit Reasons Utah Marketers Should Attend #IMSLC

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The following was published by our friends over at 24 Salt Lake on January 10th, 2015.

Inbound Marketing Salt Lake City, also known as IMSLC, is an event hosted every quarter by yours truly. This month, IMSLC is teaming up with StartSLC to give you the ultimate event geared towards teaching the secrets of startup success. The event will be held on January 30th at The Gateway. Tickets are going fast, so don’t miss your chance to sign up before seats fill up!

If you’ve never attended an event or you just need a refresher, here are some things you should know about IMSLC.

1. Admission is free!

They say the best things in life are free! Although admission is free, you still need to register here to get into the event.

2. #IMSLC trends on Twitter

Trending #IMSLC tweets are some of the funniest you’ll ever read. Don’t forget to use #IMSLC or tag @fitinbound when you attend the event!

3. We (attempt) to break world records at IMSLC events

At our October event, we tried to break the world record for the amount of simultaneous selfies taken. Shameless selfies were taken, but unfortunately not quite enough.

4. Each IMSLC has a different theme

No two IMSLCs are ever the same. In October, IMSLC was focused on social media; in December, it was ecommerce; in January, the focus will be towards entrepreneurs and startups.

5. IMSLC has the all-time best marketing analog memes

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 10.51.33 AM
“I don’t always attend events, but when I do I attend #IMSLC.”

6. Every IMSLC event has giveaways galore!

If we think your tweets are funny, your instagram pictures are top notch, or you’re paying enough attention to the speakers to answer some questions correctly, we’ll throw you a gift card or some free headphones.

7. IMSLC shines the spotlight on local celebrities

Christian Busath, real-life fruit ninja, spoke at our most recent ecommerce event in December. As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Freshly Picked CEO, Susan Peterson, revealed at our IMSLC event that she received her MBA, master in bad assness.

8. IMSLC gives you a good excuse to get out of work


How can you get away with not working but still doing something to help your company? Convince your boss to send you to IMSLC. You’ll learn new business strategies, do some netoworking, and won’t have to do paperwork from 9 to 11 on a Friday morning.

9. IMSLC provides an opportunity to network

Don’t be weird about it – just wander in and sit next to someone new. They probably won’t end up being a stalker (Although if they are, we’re not responsible. Just throwing that out there.) and you might just end up meeting someone you can work with, or even your next business partner!

10. January’s IMSLC will get you hooked on Dan Bischoff’s smoulder

Whether or not you’re interested in educating customers or marketing through storytelling,  Dan Bischoff, from Content Hook, will hook you in with that killer smoulder.

11. IMSLC will impress you with Dan Roden’s resume

Another speaker at this month’s IMSLC event includes Dan Roden. If you’ve dreamt it, he’s done it. With over 10 years of analytics experience under his belt, he can help you discover some of the best startup marketing tips from the trenches.

12. You’ll meet the “Dark Lord” of kickstarter campaigns

William Lam is the founder of Dark Energy, a company that sells solar powered batteries for mobile devices. We dare you to try to raise more than he did on Kickstarter. (Hint: that’s around $173k.)

13. You’ll probably leave craving pizza, or at least a pizza hoodie from Beloved.

The guys at Beloved started their company in 2012 and the awesomeness is too much to put into words. Patterned shirts, hoodies, socks, and anything else you can imagine is their specialty, and it’s drawn attention from the likes of Katy Perry and Rob Dyrdek.

14. IMSLC… just makes you happy. And smarter.

Enough said.

We can’t wait to see all of Utah’s entrepreneurs, hackers, designers, and marketers at the next #IMSLC event. Don’t forget to register for the (free) event here.

Inbound Marketing SLC on Dec 4th

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Our fifth installment of Inbound Marketing SLC is just around the corner, which means now is the time to grab your free tickets.

IMSLC 5.0 will focus on understanding how to prepare your online business for all of the upcoming holiday madness. Deloitte is projecting double digit growth for ecommerce sales this holiday season, so being prepared is a must.

We’ve gathered a great lineup of ecommerce marketers who will explain how to grow your business through inbound marketing:

Mahonri Madrigal
: Mahonri is a Senior Consultant for Marketplace Ignition, a company that focuses on helping online retailers with Operational (Feed-Based) Marketing strategy. Prior to that, he spent 10 years at eBay where he was a Premier Account Manager and Senior Business Consultant, managing a portfolio of accounts with more than $50 million in annual sales.

Kaela Gardner
: Kaela is the Brand and Media Relationships Manager at Reddit, inc. She excels at creating marketing plans that incorporate multiple strategies and platforms. With a background in publishing and journalism, she is especially passionate about content marketing and turning brands and products into stories and personal connections.

Christian Busath
: Christian has collaborated and performed in many entertaining brand integrated YouTube videos, with popular YouTubers such as Devinsupertramp and ScottDW. His video views total close to 40 million and have been featured on NBC, MSN, Yahoo, ESPN, and The Huffington Post. His brand collaborations include such companies as Universal Studios, Ubisoft, Ford, P90X, Mattel, and Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Dave Bascom
: Dave is the CEO of Fit Marketing. Dave has been doing inbound marketing since the pre-Google days, helping top companies like Dell, Volkswagen and Mrs. Field’s get found online. Dave was a pioneer in the search marketing field in Utah, leading the marketing teams at SEO.com, KSL Local, Big Start, and Utah.com.

Event Details
Thursday, Dec. 4, 2014
9 a.m.–11 a.m.
Salt Lake Community College Miller Campus
9750 S 300 W., Sandy
Miller Free Enterprise Center, Room 101

Register Now