The best user experience demands sound technical website and search engine optimization.


Every successful content marketing campaign is built upon a solid SEO foundation:

Sound website performance, search engine rankings, and user experience are the foundation of all content marketing initiatives. After we onboard every client, we review the website to ensure it aligns with industry-accepted best practices for search engine visibility and coherence. Most importantly, we ensure that user experienced is optimized.

To properly assess your site, we need to acquire an understanding of your specific industry’s online environment. By using a suite of the latest tools, we’re able to fully assess the query landscape, analyze relevancy, and predict future trends.

SEO is the first, and therefore very critical, step in our process to facilitate precise audience targeting throughout your entire sales funnel.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO audit encompasses a comprehensive snapshot of your website’s current standing online relative to the competition and to best practices.

Our approach includes three facets:

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Technical Audit

Site Optimization Audit

Prioritization & Implementation

During the technical SEO audit, we dig deep into your website to ensure the search engine crawlers can easily access and crawl your website from a technical perspective. Ensuring the site is technically sound, along with other aspects of your campaign, helps increase the website’s visibility in the search results.

The site optimization process prepares your website to be crawled by the search engines and makes it simple for them to associate keyword themes with the following pages of your website. This allows us to generate additional visibility in the search engines as well as generate more leads and sales.

After we perform the thorough analysis detailed above, we prioritize our recommendations and give you a timeline of implementation. We base prioritization on identifying the most impactful changes, those that will move the needle, and address those first.

It should be evident that a technical SEO audit is necessary for all content marketing initiatives. The content we create, optimize, and promote for your business depends on a foundation that can easily be crawled by search engines, is optimized for search engine visibility, and ultimate generates revenue.

Content Optimization

Optimization is a key facet in producing quality, authoritative content. Every piece of content must be perfectly formatted with all the subtle, and not-so-subtle, aspects of optimization. Content performs at its best only when it’s engineered to do so. Every piece of content we create is optimized on three levels: for search engines, for social media sharing, and for user engagement.

Search Engines

We carry over the same principles we applied in our technical SEO audit to the optimization of each piece of content. Relevant query focuses we identified in the market research and gap analysis are always incorporated thoughtfully. Of course, industry-wide search engine optimization best practices are always applied to your content.

Social Media

Ensuring your post is fully optimized for sharing and distribution on social media means so much more than having social share buttons on your blog post. It means ensuring that each possible method of social sharing is optimized for each platform’s unique specifications. Shortening URLs, crafting specialty imagery, and penning compelling short copy are just a few of our reoccurring social media sharing optimization tasks.

User Engagement

The overarching purpose of the entirety of your content is to engage your brand’s target users. That’s why we meticulously review and optimize every piece of content created with the target user at the forefront of our minds. Whether your user requires specific content features, adaptations, or sharing options, we ensure all necessary optimizations are present.


Success Stories

Everyone at Stryde has been extremely accommodating. There is no question that they are good at what they do as they’ve increased our AdWords CTR by over 23x and quadrupled our conversion rate. They’re very easy to work with, and the results have been positive.

– Jennifer Anderson – Lime Ricki Swimwear


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