Content Distribution

One severely overlooked aspect to marketing content are owned distribution channels. Chances are, you have social media accounts with a listening audience, sales reps, service reps, email lists and so forth that can quickly kick start a content piece and help it to get some legs. Our team will work with you to strategize and execute on initial distribution campaigns customized to your unique business situation.

Content Promotion

After distributing content through partner owned channels, we promote content through three, high impact tactics.

Owned & Managed Communities

At Stryde, we work relentlessly to build our own communities across all social platforms. These communities were cultivated around an engaged and captive audience, who are ready and eager to consume world class content and share it with their connections and audience. We build and nurture communities around dozens of verticals in the following areas:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Twitter Profiles
  • Google+ Communities
  • Pinterest Accounts
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Email Lists

Content Amplification

  • Highly Targeted Facebook Sponsored Posts
  • Highly Targeted Sponsored Tweets
  • Highly Targeted LinkedIn Sponsored Updates
  • StumbleUpon Paid Discovery
  • Reddit Ads
  • Outbrain Sponsored Content
  • Zemanta Sponsored Content
  • Etc.

Content Seeding, Outreach & Link Development

We spend ample time creating, cultivating, and nurturing relationships with influencers, high profile bloggers, and journalists in different verticals. These relationships help us get content shared, featured, published, and linked to which drives pre-qualified, referral traffic as well as strong SEO signals.

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