Proven approach precisely targets and positively impacts the entire buyer journey.


Content marketing that satisfies the constantly connected:

Our interest in every content marketing campaign is simple: generate revenue. Through our content marketing services, we optimize the entire funnel.When content is strategically crafted, it evokes the intended emotion in the target individual at a precise moment. Resulting in the predetermined desired action. These actions allow us to blend your buyer journey with your sales funnel. Thereby filling the top with marketing qualified leads, nurturing the middle, and converting the bottom into sales qualified leads.

Focusing on the entire funnel with laser-focused precision gives you the opportunity to join customers along their journey. Through our content marketing services, we increase brand awareness, command more inbound traffic, generate more qualified leads, convert more leads into revenue, increase customer/client satisfaction & retention for every client we partner with.

PERSONA development

Content marketing requires a deep understanding of your customers and what makes them tick. The best way to begin to build upon this knowledge is through persona development and buyer journey mapping. Across all industries and consumers, our team researches, analyzes, and continuously verifies buyer personas and journeys.

Vetting Existing Personas

Many businesses we’ve seen over the years have buyer personas in place, of varying degrees of accuracy. Whether it’s from outdated research, industry changes, or consumer preference shifts, buyer personas should be revisited regularly and checked for relevancy and accuracy. In this case, our team reviews any relevant preexisting marketing collateral created by your business detailing information around persona development.

New Persona Development

If your business hasn’t identified its buyer personas, we can help with that, too. Our team works with your sales team to connect with current customers and collect primary research data. Then we analyze our primary research alongside secondary research including the digital landscape for your industry, search engine trends, and competition.

Persona development is the foundation of highly effective audience targeting.

As we said previously, many business have identified buyer personas in some capacity. However, very few businesses have mapped their buyer persona’s unique journey. After vetting your existing buyer personas, we again collect both primary and secondary data to identify each buyer’s unique journey. Which allows us to gain a comprehensive perspective of the audiences’ needs at every stage of the buying process.

Content Audits

The content audit process is where your team at Stryde educates themselves on your brand guidelines. We pour over your business’ style guides, previous content and relevant collateral to ensure we’re creating on-brand content, every single time.

Content Inventory

Content Database

Content Inventory

Businesses typically have a breadth of existing content, even if it’s not immediately obvious. Accordingly, we perform an audit to determine what stages of the funnel are lacking in relevant content, and adjust the content strategy as needed to fill those gaps.

Content Database

Through the inventory process, large volumes of content are identified and mapped to buyer personas and funnel stages. We take that identified content and aggregate each piece into a searchable database. Doing so facilitates content repurposing as well as mitigates any duplicate efforts.

content strategy

Using your customer’s journey and content audit as a guide, we identify the content you need to educate, inform, acquire, and retain the ideal customer. To accompany that, we build a robust digital marketing strategy to generate brand awareness, increase traffic, and drive sales qualified leads and customer acquisition. For our B2B clients, we hone in on everything from eBooks, to white papers, and everything in between. Contests, blogging, and a bevy of other content types are considered for players in B2C industries. In every case, we laser-focus on the content types that resonate most with your audience.



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Content Strategy

The conceptualization of your content strategy includes drawing from our previous analysis of your business, the current landscape, and your competitors. As well as taking into consideration any additional topics we’ve identified as pertinent to your industry. Content marketing campaigns don’t exist in a vacuum, so we take into consideration any and all variables of influence.

Personas Development

We focused first and foremost on persona development for a reason! This helps us better understand what each customer group cares about and allows us to create more relevant content that will inspire them to buy from you and share it with others. Whether the tone is academic or relaxed, we ensure that the tone is laser-targeted to the buyer persona for which it’s created.


Developing content to meet topics rather than keywords allows our writers to create engaging and diverse pieces to meet any given persona, promotion, or other purpose. Using the hub and spoke approach, we take a  comprehensive, content-rich resource and use it to drive content across the entirety of a campaign.


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Documentation, Access, & Transparency

We understand that trusting your brand’s content to an outside partner can be unsettling. But, at Stryde we’re strengthened by the weight you entrust in us. We try to reflect that by clear documentation, full access, and utmost transparency.


Your content campaign is a long-term investment. We take this seriously and plan accordingly. We build out a minimum of 3 month, week-by-week editorial calendars for each campaign. You always have 100% access to review, comment, and collaborate as much, or as little, as you prefer.

Why It Matters
For Your Initiatives

The audience personas we develop and the online conversations we identify for your industry help us create compelling, shareable content that will help draw qualified traffic to your site and positively influence your position in search engine rankings.

content creation

If you’re serious about a content marketing initiative, you need to be serious about your content. That means you need to trust that the creation of your content is in more than capable hands. We work tirelessly to improve quality and streamline production of authoritative articles, blog posts, graphics, infographics, and videos, and we’re always staying on the cusp of the latest types and formats. Our team operates on the underlying assumption that magnificent, quality content is status quo. There is no other way to generate this consistent quality than to be absolutely dedicated. We balance our perfectionist tendencies with a strong hold to deadlines and a complete understanding that in the realm of marketing online, moves need to be made at the speed of our fiber optic internet.

A content marketing campaign cannot sustain on blog posts alone. It demands diversified content types. Your campaign needs a plethora of communication methods to reach your entire audience. At Stryde, we craft incredible and varied content.

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Blog Posts

Blogging for business is a proven way to drive more organic traffic to your website. As long as several important conditions are met. We approach your blog as the critical touchpoint between your customers and your business. Blog posts act as the canvas for a multitude of consumer communication. Whether you want to be educational and informative, or subjective and showcasing your brands point of view, there’s a blog post for that.

‘Super’ Posts (aka Long-Form Content)

To create content worth promoting, you have to go big. Really big! Super posts are just that: really big, really thorough, really juicy blog posts (like 1,400+ words) that not only attract, but engage your target audience and get them to take action. When created with the end goal in mind, super pieces not only drive leads, but new business as well.


Self-hosted quizzes are on fire. If you spend time on social media, you’ve likely seen and participated in them. If not, here’s a quick example of a quiz. We develop and promote quizzes that are white labeled and embedded on your blog to drive awareness, social shares, backlinks, and leads for your business.

Sweepstakes & Giveaways

Sweepstakes and giveaways are a great way to quickly generate brand awareness and sales for your company. We help companies that sell products setup and promote giveaways that not only help build brands, but help build communities (likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter, Instagram, Etc.), and generate revenue.








For the visual learners among us, infographics are a wildly powerful tool in attracting and engaging that group of individuals. Infographics, also referred to as “data visualization” takes a hard to consume concept or data set and makes it easy to understand. Infographics that are well done get shared, linked to, drive referral traffic, drive leads, and revenue.


Micrographics are just a smaller version of an infographic. They usually contain just 1-2 data points. As with our infographics, we not only create them, but develop and execute a promotion strategy to spread them far and wide.


Videos are a powerful way to explain a product or service. In addition, videos help show prospects how you can solve their problem or relieve their pain. By creating a compelling video, tapping into YouTube’s audience and promoting your videos, we can drive referral traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Quality content is a necessity. Funnily enough, quality content is also the exception, and certainly not the rule. In other words, creating quality content without consuming large amounts of internal bandwidth is not possible. And the digital landscape is littered with mediocre-at-best content and content providers. The solution is a firm that specializes in authoritative, quality content.

content promotion

We use our knowledge of your industry, firm, and target market to select the most appropriate paid promotion channels. From content recommendation engines to pay per click to social media platforms, we ensure that each piece of content reaches the maximum volume of target audience members.

New paid content promotion platforms, services, and offerings appear constantly, which is why we work tirelessly to identify the most relevant and impactful channels for your specific brand. The most common forms of paid promotion utilized by businesses include:

Content Recommendation Engines

Social Media Promotions & Advertisements

Pay Per Click Advertisements

After we determine which channels will be utilized, we then prioritize and allocate budgets appropriately. Depending on your target market’s behavior, varying targeting, copy, and bidding strategies will be employed. All of your paid content promotions are continually optimized with great scrutiny to reach their full potential in terms of your specific goals. We monitor all indicators and results of paid promotions so we can swiftly make the necessary adjustments.

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If a tree falls in the woods…

We’re sure you can finish that cliché. But it couldn’t ring more true when it comes to content. You can create the most incredible, life-changing piece of content in the world. But, if no one reads it, watches it, or engages with it, does it really even exist? That’s what we make sure doesn’t happen with your quality, authoritative content through highly effective audience targeting and promotion.

content distribution

Content initiatives demand organic distribution to gain traction and engagement with individual pieces of content. While every piece of content created will not receive paid promotion, each and every piece of your content is distributed thoughtfully through professional groups, social media groups, content aggregators, and content submission sites.

Professional Groups

Social Media Groups

Content Aggregators

Content Submission Sites

Similarly to our paid promotion channel identification and prioritization process, we carry out the same careful analysis with organic content distribution options. Appropriate and relevant sites are identified and then prioritized based on where your target audience spends their time online. Furthermore, we continuously analyze copy for efficacy and make the necessary adjustments to perfectly suit your target audience.


Success Stories

The Stryde team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced – delivering on everything promised, while exceeding my high expectations. In terms of performance, our web traffic increased by 124% and inbound leads increased by 50% by the third month. I have used other marketing firms, and without hesitation, we would recommend Stryde to any organization that needs to beef-up their content marketing campaigns, fast!

– Steve Marco – HIPAA One


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Most businesses have little to no experience vetting and hiring a content marketing agency. We’ve created a detailed worksheet outlining characteristics of a great agency as well as questions to ask during the vetting process. We want to make sure you’re in good hands, even if you choose not to do business with us.

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