When it comes to staying up to date on the most recent news in internet marketing, we at Stryde make delivering the most valuable information a priority. Check out this week’s roundup of eCommerce marketing news!

Day Five & Getting Strong: Big Unconfirmed Google Algorithm Update

With Google’s algorithm consistently changing and adjusting, there has been some speculation over some potential changes that shifted web site rankings over the weekend. While Google has not yet confirmed or commented on anything, there are many that suspect a change has occurred. Check out Search Engine Roundtable’s post on the subject, and see what rank checking tools are showing on the subject. Read more here.

5 Ways a Content Marketing Mission Statement Can Improve Your Strategy

Maintaining focus and vision is crucial to success in eCommerce business, and brainstorming a mission statement for your content marketing could prove to be just the thing to help keep the end in mind. This blog post by WordStream gives some tips and tricks on how to come up with your marketing mission statement and outlines exactly how it can be the difference in your company. Check it out here.

How to Do Competitor Analysis and Improve Your Digital Marketing Strategy with SEMrush

While most companies only conduct competitor analysis when they create their digital marketing strategy, SEMrush feels that it should be a priority to continually revisit this. With details exploring why it’s important and how to use SEMrush to get the correct information, this is definitely an article you don’t want to miss out on. Check out more here!

Google’s John Mueller on Word Count for SEO

There is a major emphasis put on word count and keywords in the world of SEO. However, Google’s John Mueller recently sent out a tweet that has proven to be a bit contradictory to the popular opinion. Mueller stated: “Having the same word-count as a top-ranking article isn’t going to make your pages rank first, just like having a bunch of USB chargers isn’t going to get you to the moon. But, I’m still tempted to buy some of those USB chargers…” Does word count really matter for SEO? Or should we be putting our emphasis and focus on other factors? Check out his tweet and Search Engine Journal’s speculations on the matter here.

3 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Working for Your Business

Social media can play a huge part in your success as an eCommerce business, but it’s not a guarantee. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to go about your business’s social media accounts, and Social Media Today goes into detail about the three biggest mistakes that cause business social media accounts to be unsuccessful. How are your accounts doing? Are they delivering? Check out the post here.

5 Facebook Ads Tools for Making Creative Design Efficient

Learn how to take your Facebook ads to the next level by implementing design tools. This article explores five different tools specifically made to help take your Facebook ads to the next level. Enhance your image and video ads as well as your campaign structure. Check out the article here to learn more.

7 Types of Website Conversion Goals to Measure Website Success

Looking for ways to more accurately measure the success of your eCommerce business website? Social Media Today gives tips and insights on the top seven ways to measure success on your site. From form submission, button clicking and content sharing, these tips are easy to implement and sure to bring results. Check it out here.

Citations and Local SEO: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

In this insightful article published by Search Engine Journal, writer John McAlpin explains that “when set up correctly, citations can be really easy to manage and can lead to improved local rankings.” Learn more about citations in local SEO and best practice for implementing them in your strategy here.

Paid Search Marketers can find success with Top of Funnel Campaigns

When it comes to paid search, many digital marketers look at it as being very low funnel. However, when implemented accurately, it can also prove to be extremely helpful with top-of-funnel activities and channels. In this article by Search Engine Land, you’ll learn more about how paid search can be used to complement every part of your campaign. Check it out here.

Analyzing search results reveals a lot about Google’s view of useful content

It’s important to maintain balance when creating content for your eCommerce site. Generating content that your users want to see while still playing the game and performing all of the right SEO work to rank on Google can at times prove to be a challenge. This article by Search Engine Land explains why it’s important to understand how Google works, as well as provides some tips to help you achieve your search result goals. Read more here.

Instagram Bio Ideas: 9 Steps to Crafting the Perfect Copy for Your Brand

While at times overlooked, your Instagram bio is an extremely valuable brand space and gives you the perfect opportunity to describe your eCommerce business. In this insightful post published by Shopify, you’ll find easy-to-follow steps and fantastic tips on how to create the perfect Instagram bio. From explaining what a bio is to an easy to follow, step-by-step checklist, this is one you don’t want to overlook. Check it out here.

Customers want more text-based customer support options from brand

As trends and technology continue to evolve and advance, it’s important to stay on top of what consumers are calling out for. The latest development, according to this post by Marketing Land, is that there is a major call for more “human interactions” with customer service. A text-based service system where customers receive help in real-time has been reported as being the most successful and widely-requested form of customer service. Are you ready to embrace this change? Check out more here.

How to Leverage Video to Improve Your Paid Social Campaigns

Maintaining fresh and diverse content on your eCommerce social media platforms is essential to keeping your audience engaged. Stryde’s Anthony Christie explains that “in recent years, more and more businesses are seeing the value of video” and are choosing to implement it more and more in their content. Read the entire post here.