Why It’s Unwise To Put All of Your Marketing Eggs In One Basket

By November 21, 2012Inbound Marketing

eggs-in-a-basketIf there’s one thing I’ve learned as an online marketer, it’s the importance of diversify your marketing tactics, whether you are executing them online or offline.

I’ve been doing marketing online and offline for almost ten years and I’ve seen companies go out of business because they relied too heavily on one method of driving visitors to their website. Most recently, one of our clients had to shut their doors after the Penguin update as over 98% of their traffic disappeared on the fateful day of April 24th. It devastated them, it devastated their employees, it devastated everyone connected to that business. There’s too much at risk to rely on one tactic, that’s why today, we are going to talk about diversifying your tactics to future proof your business.

We have a lot of clients come to us wanting to put 100% of their marketing budget to SEO. I literally cringe when I hear this because there are so many great ways to generate traffic to your website and again, it’s scary and there’s a lot at risk. So what are some of the other ways to market your site and generate traffic, leads, and revenue?

Search Engine Traffic

When working to generate traffic from the search engines, there are two tactics you can leverage, SEO and PPC. As we’ve discussed in other posts, SEO is a long term play. It takes time to optimize a site, get it associated with keywords and themes, build authority from links, etc. On the flip side, there is PPC also known as pay per click marketing. Unlike SEO, PPC is immediate. You can build some ads, specific some keywords, load some cash in your account, and BAM… you are visible. Leveraging both tactics can help hedge some of the risk you take by relying too heavily on one or the other.

Social Traffic

In addition to leveraging search engine traffic, many companies generate millions of dollars by tapping into social media. Building a following on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest can be a great way to generate brand awareness and sales for your organization. For those who are feeling a bit ambitious, you can also venture over to YouTube and create and promote videos. For some of our clients and on some of my personal web properties, YouTube accounts for over 25% of my traffic and sales. Social can be very powerful for many businesses.

Email Marketing

Many marketers believe that email marketing is dead. Ever since the CAN-SPAM Act and the difficulty of in-boxing emails, marketers tend to shy away from this tactic.The thing is… they are wrong! And I will take advantage of their unwillingness to leverage this tactic 🙂 . Where they are wrong is when it comes to building your own email lists and marketing to them on a continual basis. This kind of email marketing is huge when it comes to bringing repeat customers to your site and generating more revenue from them. This is also known as increasing your customer life time value (LTV).

Email marketing can also work very well when working with partners or companies in lateral verticals to share leads and or customers, these are often times referred to as partnerships or joint ventures. When set up properly, marketing to another organization’s list can be very profitable for both businesses. If you are a marketer and ignoring both of these tactics, SHAME ON YOU!


Remarketing is a marketing tactic that is somewhat new to the online world. Through remarketing, also known as retargeting, you can serve ads to individuals who previously visited your website but left before making a purchase or submitting their information. In the past, to remarket to your visitors, you had to use a service like Retargeter, however, Google has recently rolled out a remarketing program that makes it easy for the average joe schmoe to remarket based on the page a visitor visited on your website. Seriously… this is money!

Offline Marketing

Lastly, if you are running a legitimate business, it is also wise to add in some offline marketing as well as online. Sending direct mail, advertising in magazines, purchasing billboards, etc are great way to build brand awareness, solidify your message, and generate revenue for your business.

Obviously there are other tactics you can leverage, but this post is getting kind of long. If you’d like to add any additional recommendations, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.

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