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Reach shoppers. Save money. Surge sales.

Is there anything worse than wasting money on ads that don’t perform? We didn’t think so. We make sure your marketing dollars are only going towards qualified audiences interested in your products. Conversions are our end-game and we have the data to prove it.  

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Here’s Our Process for Driving Social Media Growth for eCommerce Sites:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a strategy. We find that most businesses don’t have an actual strategy around social media. They know they need to share information and be active on social channels and that’s the strategy. We help businesses form and execute a social strategy to drive results.

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Paid Social Media Audit

Our experts look at your paid social campaigns to identify where you can boost your ROI and grow your sales.

Audience Targeting

Reach the audience you actually like (and the one who likes you back). We target the customers most likely to convert so you’ll sell more, more often.  

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Messaging & Ad Content Development

We help you reach your target audience with relevant messaging that speaks to them, helping you forge connections and foster engagement.

Campaign Optimization

We never settle for “good enough.” We use a strategically-flexible approach to continuously test what works well (and what works even better) to keep your campaigns running at peak capacity.

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Performance Metrics & Tracking

Gut feelings don’t cut it; data informs every move we make. We work with you to develop performance metrics for your eCommerce campaigns to track success and customer insights. We tag URLs to monitor their performance and your Return on Ad Spend, so you don’t waste a dime.

By following the process above, our goal is to understand customers’ perceptions about your products relative to the competition. This guides new product development and your marketing message since we better understand the needs of your customers.


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Everyone at Stryde has been extremely accommodating. There is no question that they are good at what they do as they’ve increased our AdWords CTR by over 23x and quadrupled our conversion rate. They’re very easy to work with, and the results have been positive.

– Jennifer Anderson – Lime Ricki Swimwear