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Social media success through highly-effective audience targeting, engagement and content sharing

At Stryde, our approach to every social media campaign is designed to your unique brand. We look beyond follower count and other superficial metrics and drive quality traffic from social interactions, leading to increased sales.

If you’re an eCommerce site it’s vital that you insert your voice into the conversations happening between your customers. We’ll help you by sharing consistent and relevant information with your target audience at different phases of the buying cycle. This allows us to seamlessly guide prospects through the sales funnel to conversion.

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Here’s Our Process for Driving Social Media Growth for eCommerce Sites:

Social Media Marketing Strategy

It all starts with a strategy. We find that most businesses don’t have an actual strategy around social media. They know they need to share information and be active on social channels and that’s the strategy. We help businesses form and execute a social strategy to drive results.

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Social Design Optimization

We’ll help tweak and adjust your social channel’s look and feel to match your brand. Updating images on a regular basis to match seasonal, sales and other events is a great way to create a seamless brand experience between your website and social channels.

Social Media Management

Once a strategy is created, we’ll build out a social calendar each month and execute on the strategy we’ve outlined. We’ll build out the social shares for the month, send them over for approval and implement shares (once approved) via our social sharing platform.  

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Hashtag Monitoring & Engagement

We’ll track and monitor hashtags that are closely related to your brand/product/service while considering other uses for them on social media. This ensures that they are related to conversations and engagements that your ideal customer uses. To do this we use various tools to find related hashtags and gain further context for how hashtags are used.

Influencer Monitoring & Outreach

We’ll look for consumer recommendations being discussed by key influencers and work to establish or build a relationship to help create “word of mouth” for your business.

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Performance Metrics & Tracking

We work with you, our partners, to develop or define performance metrics for your eCommerce campaigns and work on tracking everything we can. We’ll tag URLs we share, create campaign tagged URLs for paid search ads, help set up unique profile URLs and more. By tracking as much as possible, our campaigns are based on customer insights rather than a gut feeling.

By following the process above, our goal is to understand customers’ perceptions about your products relative to the competition. This guides new product development and your marketing message since we better understand the needs of your customers.


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Everyone at Stryde has been extremely accommodating. There is no question that they are good at what they do as they’ve increased our AdWords CTR by over 23x and quadrupled our conversion rate. They’re very easy to work with, and the results have been positive.

– Jennifer Anderson – Lime Ricki Swimwear