Skywalker Trampolines Case Study (1)

The Skywalker Story:

Skywalker Trampolines began in 2004 with a belief that trampolines should be fun while keeping kids safe. Skywalker continually exceeds the ASTM safety standards for quality and safety in the outdoor game equipment space by using the latest technology.

Skywalker + Stryde

Skywalker established its success by partnering with big-box retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Toys R Us, Target, Walmart, Cabela’s and more. Through these partnerships, they were able to distribute their products in store and online. This initial strategy is what established the brand. Skywalker reached out to Stryde to help grow direct sales via their website through digital marketing.  

We analyzed the online landscape to understand the competitive space we would be trying to compete in. Additionally, we looked at Google Analytics traffic trends, keyword usage and content on the site to understand the gaps Skywalker needed to fill in order to compete in the space. Then we analyzed the 15K+ monthly visits to the site, which channels were driving traffic and revenue for the 700+ monthly transactions. We found the following challenges and opportunities:  

Organic Search and Content Opportunity

Organic search traffic had the biggest potential for growing traffic and revenue. Majority, 95% approximately, of Skywalker’s keywords driving traffic to the site were branded search terms. Outside of that they had very little visibility for non-branded search terms ranking on the first two pages of Google.

Organic Search and Content Solutions

To improve organic search performance, Stryde implemented the following:

  • Analyzed keyword trends and determined a keyword strategy that included numerous search terms with low competition
  • Mapped and implemented keywords to specific landing pages
  • Cleaned up a number of technical site issues  
  • Implemented site optimization changes on their site
  • Performed a content audit and found informational gaps with their content strategy
  • Brainstormed and created content in the form of blog posts, quizzes, infographics and website copy  to fill the content gaps
  • Optimized old blog posts to improve search visibility  
Organic Search Growth
Organic Revenue Growth
Skywalker trampolines SERP position for square trampoline keyword
Paid social ad for Skywalker Trampolines

Paid Social Opportunity

Skywalker’s Facebook Ads weren’t reaching the right audience so their traffic coming from social wasn’t driving much revenue. Additionally, they weren’t running the Facebook pixel to insights into who was visiting their site and what interested buyers when looking for a trampoline online.   

Social Media Solutions

We moved forward on driving relevant traffic to their Facebook page and increase revenue through the following:

  • Installed the Facebook pixel
  • Set up custom conversions to track individuals coming to the site versus those that bought to better target individuals
  • A/B and split tested targeted Facebook ads to grow revenue
  • Ran targeted ads for select content on Skywalker’s website
  • Built lookalike audiences and ran targeted ads to those individuals
Social Growth
Social Revenue Growth

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