Today, July 1st, marks the death day for Google Reader, the highly popular RSS aggregator that several million individuals used as their go-to news source. Google’s announcement to shut down this service has been great for several other RSS aggregators and even prompted large companies like LinkedIn to purchase competing services like Pulse ($90 million acquisition price tag). In digital marketing, we use RSS aggregators to not only stay up to date on our industry news, but we use them to stay up to date on each of our clients industries so we can better understand how to market their businesses as well as put together cutting edge content marketing strategies. For those who are feeling the pain of Google Reader’s death, here are five fantastic replacements that will have you back up and running in a matter of minutes! Feedly Netvibes Pulse Flipboard Digg Reader As you are setting up your new reader, you should also take this opportunity to check out this fantastic write up on Fast Company on how to reboot your news reading habits, so you can get the most out of the time you spend consuming news from your feed. If you have other RSS aggregators that you’d recommend, please add them in the comments section below. Image credit:  ]]>