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What We Learned from August’s BigCommerce Town Hall

By August 23, 2017eCommerce

We just finished watching August’s BigCommerce Town Hall and there are a lot of things to get excited about. Here’s what was announced and how it will help ecommerce stores using the platform.

BigCommerce Multi-Storefronts Functionality

The feature that has us most excited is Multi-Storefronts Functionality. Anybody who has had to jump back and forth between managing multiple stores on BigCommerce knows that it feels like juggling, and nobody wants to risk dropping something that generates revenue. Multi-Storefronts Functionality allows users to search among all the stores they manage and to easily switch between them without having to login every time.

This is a great new feature for merchants who:

  • Are looking to launch sub-brands.
  • Are looking to sell in multiple countries.
  • Have multiple brands selling in one or more countries.
  • Have multiple operational bases selling direct in multiple countries.
  • Sell to multiple shopper segments (retail/wholesale, retail/outlet).
  • Sell in multiple languages.
  • Sell in multiple transactional currencies.

Multi-Storefronts Functionality will be rolling out to all BigCommerce users in the next couple of weeks.

Source: BigCommerce


PayPal Credit and Afterpay in Australia

PayPal Credit will be available on September 11 as a payment option in BigCommerce storefronts. Afterpay is available now to Australian merchants who have an Afterpay account. Both services allow customers to split up purchase costs into multiple payments.

BigCommerce Control Panel Updates

A new search user interface is being implemented. The changes to search include:

  • Search for products, orders, and customers with results in less than one second.
  • Search results will appear in a side panel, providing more detail information than before and keeping users on the same page.

The Help navigation is also getting an overhaul. Clicking “Help” will open a pane that makes it easy to search through support resources. The new Help navigation will also display support articles that are relevant to the user’s current page.

Source: BigCommerce


Both control panel updates will be made available to all stores in the coming weeks.

BigCommerce Apps

The search functionality for BigCommerce apps and integrations is also improving. New features include:

  • Instant search response
  • Relevancy results
  • Synonyms
  • Analytics

Source: Big Commerce


BigCommerce One-Click Checkout

While this wasn’t an official announcement, BigCommerce did address the fact that Amazon’s patent for one-click checkout will expire next month. BigCommerce plans to add this functionality to its storefronts in the future, but currently has other priorities like optimized one-page checkout to finish up first.

It looks like August is a great month for BigCommerce users. This Town Hall really brought a lot of new features and functions that will help users manage their stores much more easily.

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