Have you ever noticed how two great things work even better together?

  • Peanut butter and chocolate

  • Oreos and milk

  • Fries and Coke

  • Starsky and Hutch

  • Brad and Angelina

Well, we are proud to announce another winning combination… On November 1st, Fit Marketing acquired the Salt Lake City-based TOFU Marketing. TOFU Marketing and Chris Kilbourn As part of this acquisition, the founder and CEO of TOFU, Chris Kilbourn, will join Fit as our VP of strategy. We are thrilled to welcome the rest of the TOFU team into the Fit fold.

Fonzy, Sara and Matt: welcome to the team!

Chris Kilbourn has shown that he has the chops as a savvy online marketer and growth hacker. He got into marketing as he figured out how to market his own businesses, which included a record label, a band management agency and TaskBullet, an outsourced virtual assistant business. One little-known secret about Chris is that before he got into business, he played guitar for a heavy metal band, Chelsea Grin.
He decided to leave the band, finish college and pursue his business ventures. This history just adds to Chris’ coolness, making him a true marketing rock star. A Perfect Fit Chris’ experience is ideal for Fit, as we were founded with one goal in mind: helping our customers improve their marketing to drive more sales. We have found that inbound marketing – attracting the right kind of attention online and converting that attention into leads or sales – is the best way to drive measurable, repeatable growth. Since we started in 2009, our dedication to our work has made us one of the fastest-growing companies in Utah. TOFU was founded with a similar approach. Their focus has also been on driving measurable, business-focused results for their customers. TOFU has found their niche as experts at influencer outreach and conversion rate optimization. TOFU customers have been featured on Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur and The Wall Street Journal. In addition, TOFU excels at optimizing websites to maximize the conversion of visitors into leads or sales. We realized that our skills combined with TOFU’s expertise would create an incredible combination, like a peanut butter cup, each contributing unique talents to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. With this acquisition, the Fit team now includes 23 people. And each one of us, from finance to sales, is focused on helping our customers succeed. Large Steps Towards a Lofty Goal The acquisition of TOFU marks Fit Marketing’s second time buying another company. Our first acquisition was a marketing firm focused on startups, Big Start, which we rolled into Fit in August of 2012. As part of that acquisition, Big Start’s founder, Dave Bascom, joined the Fit team as CEO. Dave brought experience as the founder of high-growth SEO.com, which has played a big part in our company’s inbound marketing specialization. This latest acquisition is another huge step towards our goal to be the best inbound marketing company in the world. Looking Forward We are grateful to all of the Fit and TOFU customers who have put their confidence in our team. We look forward to doing even bigger and better things as we move forward. We will never quit learning and improving to be the best that we can at delivering awesomeness for every one of our customers. With love, Owen]]>