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The Inbox Fitness Story:

Inbox Fitness officially launched their website in 2013 with a mission to help individuals discover the latest exercise equipment, nutritional products, and advice for a healthy home and lifestyle. They aim to bring health and fitness to every aspect of someone’s life.

Inbox Fitness + Stryde

Jumping forward to 2014, organic search traffic for Inbox Fitness was not growing and there were less than 2,000 visits to the site each month. Moving into January 2015, organic traffic grew slightly but was still falling short of 3K visits each month.  

Competition was growing rapidly online and the small amount of organic traffic coming to the site started to get smaller. Inbox Fitness reached out to Stryde for help. We jumped in and started to analyze keyword trends, the website, and the competitive landscape. Through our analysis we found the following opportunities:  

Organic Search and Content Opportunity

We found that their website had considerable problems with SEO optimizations. Products pagers were filled with duplicate content, keywords were not being used effectively and there were numerous technical issues. It became clear why Google organic search traffic was not growing like it should.

Organic Search Solutions

To grow organic search traffic, Stryde implemented the following:  

  • Analyzed keywords that were already driving traffic to the site and their ranking position in search engines
  • Reviewed Google Search Console data such as rankings and click through rates for top performing keywords
  • Built an extensive keyword strategy based off keyword difficulty and relevance
  • Mapped and implemented keywords to specific landing pages to build additional keyword relevance
  • Reviewed their website’s HTML, CSS and JavaScript code for issues
  • Provided recommendations to clean up excessive JavaScript and inline CSS   
  • Fixed duplicate content and canonical tag issues
  • Gave recommendations for removing URLs with parameters from Google’s index
  • Optimized every product page title tag, description and header tags.
  • Implemented schema markup on product pages
inbox fitness search results for dumbbell set

By implementing the tactics above we helped Inbox Fitness achieve these results:

Organic Search Growth YOY
Organic Revenue Growth YOY

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