Interested in Increasing Your Revenue Through Digital Marketing?

Selling Health & Wellness Products In Today’s Digital Landscape

The health industry is a tricky, yet lucrative, industry. This buyer’s journey needs to be treated with personal and emotionally-charged messaging, while still sticking to a rigid sales funnel. Whether you’re selling prenatal vitamins or essential oils, customers typically start the process with a question. They are curious and wondering if there is a product out there to fit their specific needs. Next, they compare each product to understand who has the benefits, prices, shipping, etc. Leveraging SEO, content and paid advertising, through a digital strategy will help you reach these potential customers in any part of the funnel.

Our team of specialists starts off by analyzing your past history, competitors, and your niche in the health industry. After that, we are able to create a customized digital strategy that will increase brand awareness, educate customers, and increase sales.

Reach Your Customers with a Hyper-Targeted Digital Strategy

Depending on the industry and what you are offering (supplements for example), you may run into issues pushing your products on Facebook and Google since some products get flagged and shut down. If that is the case you will have to use other channels to educate and stay in front of your consumers.

Through the right content and SEO strategy, you will be able to make sure your consumers find your products easily and understand what you’re selling. Successful companies in the health industry find wins through educational email flows, popular and engaging influencers, and shareable content for your website and social platforms. Based on your particular product, we would evaluate your business through a customized digital strategy.

Areas of focus include:

  • Content Marketing Strategy & Execution
  • SEO Strategy and Execution
  • Paid Advertising Strategy & Execution
  • Influencer Marketing Outreach  
  • Email Marketing Automation & Workflow Creation
  • Paid and Organic Amazon Marketing

Health & Wellness Case Study: IdealShape

For over a decade, IdealShape has helped people lose weight with affordable delicious products to ultimately live their ideal life. IdealShape had email campaigns running and a consistent blog but knew that they were not capturing their entire audience. They needed guidance within their email drip campaigns to move customers through the funnel and capture new customers through other marketing funnels. With the proper direction IdealShape was able to achieve:


Quiz Leads and Growing
Decrease in Cost Per Click
Decrease in Cost Per Email Acquisition