It’s A Great Time To Be A Digital Marketer As Budgets Are On The Rise

By February 13, 2013Inbound Marketing

As we’ve seen in years past, businesses are continuing to put more of their marketing budget into digital strategy each year. According to Econsultancy’s and Responsys’ Marketing Budgets 2013 report that we just had the chance of reviewing, 2013 is going to be a record year when it comes to the amount of budget being allocated to digital strategy and execution.

Let’s take a look at the first set of numbers:


As you can see from the companies polled, the digital marketing channel is holding strong, which is why this is an excellent industry to be in. Now, where will companies be putting these marketing dollars in terms of strategies? Let’s look at the next set of numbers:


Looks like content marketing comes out on top followed closely by organic search engine optimization. It will be interesting to see how this actually plays out this year, but it doesn’t surprise in the least the content marketing wins the day!

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