What Are Google Alerts & What Can You Use Them For? (Part 2)

What Are Google Alerts & What Can You Use Them For? (Part 2)

By December 6, 2012eCommerce, SEO

Google Alerts is a powerful tool that scours the Internet for the things you are most interested in and delivers those postings to you via email or text. There are many applications for using Google Alerts both in your personal life and in business. As I explained in my previous post, Google Alerts can be a fun and useful tool in your personal life. In this post, I’m going to talk about some business applications for this free tool.

Google Alerts: Business Applications

If you are decision-maker or marketing professional in your company or if you have responsibilities around your business image, I suggest the use of Google Alerts in your strategic planning. You can use Google Alerts to give you the edge over your competitors by monitoring the Internet for anything about:

  1. Your Company, Website, Products, or Brands
  2. Your Industry or Niche
  3. Your Competitors
  4. Your Business Blogs

Your Company, Website, Products, or Brands

Set Google Alerts around your company name and company keywords. Good news or bad, it is important for you to be aware and responsive to what is being said about your business online. Anytime your company, website address, products, or brands are mentioned online it would be advantageous for you to know about it.

I like the Six Tips and Tricks to use Google Alerts Like an Expert that I found on the Hubspot blog. They provide simple ways to set up your Google Alerts around your business.

Your Industry or Niche

Google Alerts, set up strategically, can help you find new blog ideas, the latest news, trends, etc. relating to your industry or niche. You can even use it to follow other bloggers in your niche to see what they are saying.

Likewise, to help establish your brand as an industry leader, set Google Alerts so that as questions are asked online that fall within your industry or niche, you are always the first to see those questions and to respond.

Your Competitors

It is important to keep informed about what your competitors are saying and doing. Set up Google Alerts to monitor what is being said about your competitors, good or bad, you can learn from it. Try not to repeat the same mistakes and learn what your competitor’s clients are saying or asking for. Likewise, pay attention to how your competitors are responding or what they promise. It’s all good stuff that you can leverage to improve what you do.

Your Business Blogs

Use Google Alerts to monitor your blog postings for links and comments. Set up an alert with your blog address and when people link to your blog, Google Alerts will send you an email or text. Be quick to respond.

This is a short list of business uses for Google Alerts. Get creative and take advantage of this free, powerful tool from Google.

If you have any other ideas on how to use Google Alerts in business, please feel free to share in the comments section below.

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